Peachtree City

Fleisch: I support Imker

Peachtree City would do well to re-elect Eric Imker for City Council Post 1.

I have had the privilege of working with Eric over the past two years and have known him to be an honest man with only the best interests of the city of Peachtree City at heart.

His ideas for the budget have been thought-provoking for both his fellow council members and the city staff. He has gone through the budget line by line and is always forthright in offering his opinions. He is definitely not a politician and that is one of the reasons why I enjoy working with him so much. Read More»

Allen is independent thinker, not a politician

Steve Allen believes we need to do things better on the Peachtree City Council. His goals for this city are simple: keeping our home values up, our quality of life here in this city, and to keep our village plan secure.

Mr. Allen is an independent thinker with good business sense who will make decisions based on the needs of this city, and not the needs of a political career.

He will give credit to the people who really deserve it and not take credit for their work. Read More»

Some local politicians driving us toward regional governance

I have been speaking to citizen groups all over metro Atlanta regarding the cliff we are destined to fall off if regional governance and taxation proposals take hold.

Local Fayette residents found the meeting minutes from the Atlanta Regional Commission (ARC) meeting where former-Chairman Jack Smith and Fayetteville Mayor Ken Steele voted in favor of the Concept 3 regional mass transit plan that included commuter rail, bus rapid transit and regular bus service in Fayette County.

Both Smith and Steele admitted to voting in favor to the mass transit plan that included Fayette County. Read More»

Imker best qualified, proven asset to PTC

The ancients thought that the purpose of the brain was to cool the blood. Perhaps we should use our brains, cool the rhetoric, and focus on the qualifications for Peachtree City Council Post #1.

I find Eric Imker to be the best qualified candidate.

His approach to budget management is refreshing, especially coming from someone who is not a politician but an engineer and a program manager. Read More»

Steve Allen not serious about PTC Council

Candidate Allen attacks Councilman Imker in an Oct. 18 letter charging that Imker “did not vote to fund” a records management system for the Peachtree City Police Department.

Researching this claim took under an hour to learn that this $250,000 expense was never submitted to Council vote. City management determined the current system was adequate. Neither Imker nor the mayor, or any other council member voted on this issue. Allen’s accusation is baseless. Read More»

Congrats to F’ville

I just wanted to send in a quick letter congratulating Fayetteville for being named one of Forbes’ Magazine Top Ten Suburbs to Retire.

Fayette County has always been known for good planning. That common-sense approach continues to pay dividends. Peachtree City has always earned its fair share of accolades. It is nice to see Fayetteville getting its due. Read More»

Former commissioner picks his candidates

This year, the election cycle is for municipal elections in Fayette County.

I live in one of the municipalities, Peachtree City, so I will vote there.

Politicians, including local ones, need to focus. Stop looking for ways to raise, and spend, more money and focus on supplying the level of services we require at the lowest possible cost. I’m going to trust Mr. Imker to do that.

I don’t live in either Tyrone or Fayetteville, but if I did, I know who I would vote for in several of those races. Read More»

‘Aliens’ and migrant workers form our past

In David Browning’s letter to the editor (The Citizen, Oct. 12, 2011), Browning clearly writes about the plight of alien migrant farm workers in Georgia.

Webster’s definition of the word “alien” would expose our original Founding Fathers, back a few centuries, when you know who sailed the ocean blue. Perhaps some of them carried their Bibles, and the Bible references in Mr. Browning’s letter, about aliens, made the trip with them. Read More»

PTC needs viable DAPC to continue

I had the pleasure [on Oct. 17] of attending the Development Authority of Peachtree City (DAPC) presentation on our Village Centers. I was impressed by the depth of knowledge and willingness of our citizens to step up and provide input to their elected officials and the development authority. The only problem? This willingness to give to the city was ignored: only one elected official bothered to show up. Read More»

Rainbow groups forming at Holy Trinity

Rainbows is a program that fosters emotional healing for children and teens who are grieving a loss due to a death, divorce, deployment, or other emotional trauma.

Rainbow Groups are now forming and sessions will begin in January, 2012 at Holy Trinity Catholic Church in Peachtree City. For more information, contact Rebecca Capezzuto, 678-478-1737 or 770-487-7672.