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PTC Public Works should repair dam

Why is Mayor Fleisch not ordering the repair to the spillway? Why are the Peachtree City Council persons not serving the people who voted them into the positions they now have?

Is there anyone in Peachtree City who does not understand that the Georgia Dam Authority, the EPD and the USGS do not have the authority to tell Peachtree City citizens that they cannot repair the spillway?

I have written articles in The Citizen explaining why this repair is an in-house problem and that the Peachtree City Public Works Department should repair it and refill the lake. Read More»

PTC senior staff, end the lies. Here’s a pay solution

At the Nov. 20, 2014, Peachtree City Council meeting, I witnessed growing disquiet among citizens who appear very frustrated at being effectively shut out of deliberations that involve decisions of great importance to the long term financial viability of PTC.

The frustration, in my opinion, is resulting from a less than honest PTC senior staff that refuses to provide basic information to the public, and by a PTC Council that is not requiring enough transparency. Read More»

Who does Pennington work for?

Members of the City Council, I read The Citizen on a weekly basis to keep up with what is going on in Peachtree City. I am writing to you to express my concern about the events leading up to the recent split vote granting employees of PTC pay raises.

I never attended a city council meeting and I was never involved in any PTC activity mainly due to work, family and other commitments. After reading The Citizen, I feel I must voice my dissatisfaction on the decision of the three members who voted yes for the pay raises and the PTC city manager. Read More»

Haddix: I’ve been vindicated

The purpose of this letter is to comment on what City Council members Eric Imker and Kim Learnard had to say on the employee pay increase. It is not to try to evaluate the data officially collected or take a yea or nay position on the increase itself.

Understanding their mindsets is critical to understanding what they said and why.

Learnard is now trying to backpedal on her no vote. If she truly wanted more information before being able to vote, she would have abstained. Compounding this she now says she wanted more information for the taxpayers on their upcoming tax increase. Read More»

Anthony Adam Chesney, Sr., 71, of Peachtree City

Anthony "Tony" Adam Chesney, Sr., 71, of Peachtree City, Ga., passed away November 14, 2014. Read More»

Ronald Baran, 60

Ronald Baran, 60, died unexpectedly on Monday, November 17, 2014, in his home in Peachtree City, Ga.

Ron was born in Highland Park, Mich. to Michael and Anne Baran. He attended the United States Air Force Academy, graduating in 1976. He achieved the rank of Lieutenant Colonel and went on to have a successful career as a pilot with Delta Air Lines. Read More»

Flash run to state title

The team lines up at the start of the state preview meet in Peachtree City a couple of weeks ago. They finished first in this meet. From left are Audra Daniel, Melanie Hargrove, Anna Marie Pakulski, Allie Walker, Avery Giffen, Olivia Gibson, Megan Dobso, Zoe Smith, Brianna Brown, Kaylea Fox, Abby Murray, Amy Bragg, Paris Alsup and Nia Blount. Photo/Sherri Smith Brown.

PTC Flash runners win state championship, compete at regionals

The Peachtree City Flash running team won last weekend’s 11-12 girls USATF state championship and is competing this weekend at regionals in Myrtle Beach. Based on their performance there, the squad could be going back to Myrtle Beach in December for the USATF National Junior Olympics. The runners are students at Booth, Whitewater and Rising Starr middle schools so the future looks bright for high school cross-country in the county.

  Read More»

Huddleston fifth-grader creates app

(L-R) Huddleston technology specialist Lisa Dobbs, app creator Dominic Tigue and Principal Heidi Pfannenstiel show off the school’s newly launched app. Photo/Submitted.

Everything you need to know about Huddleston Elementary is now in the palm of your hand, thanks to a free mobile app created by one of the school’s students.

Fifth-grader Dominic Tigue began working on the Huddleston app last spring. When the app was ready, he wrote a letter to principal Heidi Pfannenstiel requesting to meet with her.

“He shared with me that he had created a Huddleston app with the support of his father, coding and all. This young entrepreneur set our vision for the app,” says Pfannenstiel. Read More»

PTC council, citizens have their say on salary study

A discussion over the pay and classification study recently adopted by the Peachtree City Council and requested by Councilwoman Kim Learnard was held at the council’s Nov. 20 meeting.

The discussion was largely one where Councilman Eric imker gave his perspective Read More»

PTC to piggyback on county's dredging bid

City's decision on dredging will come after the cost is known

It did not take long for the Peachtree City Council at the Nov. 20 meeting to agree to have potential areas for dredging included in Fayette County’s bid for upcoming dredging work on Lake Peachtree. Read More»

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