Senoia Library nears opening

A view last week of the new Senoia Library. Photo/Ben Nelms.

The building is virtually complete and now it’s time for the landscaping. The Senoia City Council on March 19 approved a change request for the new Senoia Library that includes the installation of a number of oak trees that will surround the building that overlooks Marimac Lake. Easily mistaken for a lakeside home, the library could open by mid-May.

The change order from Headley Construction totaled $7,345 and included items such as the purchase of nine Pin oak trees at $600 each. In total, there will be 46 trees on the library grounds. Read More»

Presberg’s silence undermines trust

Mr. Presberg, I agree with your assertion that values and beliefs do not qualify or disqualify you from administrative aspects or political actions of your appointed position.

I also admit your religious or non-religious interpretations are of little relevance when deciding minimum qualifications of the BOE position.

However, there lies a duty of inquiry among the citizenry and its media representation when it comes to public leadership and representation. Read More»

Non-profits get fund-raising help in Senoia

A decision by the Senoia City Council at the March 5 meeting will give non-profit civic organizations a bit more leverage in fund-raising. The council voted to allow six events per year where non-profits can serve alcoholic beverages.

Prior to the amendment the city’s Alcoholic Beverage Ordinance stipulated that non-profits could sell alcohol at events two times per year. The ordinance change raised that number to six times per year. The ordinance change came after a previous request from local non-profits. Read More»

‘Art of Green’ wants artists

It’s almost time for the annual “Art of Green” sidewalk art show in Senoia. And organizers are calling for artists wanting to participate in this year’s event.

The fourth annual "Art of Green" will be held on April 28 and is sponsored by the Cultural Arts Committee of the Senoia Downtown Development Authority. The show features artwork made with recycled and natural materials, items locally grown and produced and work by student artists. Read More»

Charles (Ferrell) Wallace of Senoia

Mr. Charles (Ferrell) Wallace of Senoia passed away on March 4, 2012. Read More»

Coweta Tea Party opposes local SPLOST

Last week it was the Senoia Tea Party Patriots that came out in favor of the continuation of the Coweta County 1-cent sales tax that goes before voters on Tuesday. This week it is the Coweta County Tea Party saying the March 6 initiative should be defeated.

Speaking for the Coweta County Tea Party, David Stover said continuing the local 1-cent tax, along with similar local taxes for education and the longstanding local option sales tax, is akin to an addiction that should be broken. Read More»

Senoia Councilman addresses ‘misinformation’ on SPLOST

The polarization of politics in today’s society has citizens unwilling to deviate from party lines, mired by a guise of misinformation and self-interest. The consequence of this unwillingness to work for the common good makes the position of President, a mere President of a party, rather than one of the people. This interpretation casts a shadow of distrust and subjugation.    Read More»

House easily passes charter school measure

It was going to take a two-thirds super majority of the Georgia House of Representatives to approve a resolution to let voters decide on a constitutional amendment restoring the state’s ability to approve charter schools.

But the 123-48 vote on Wednesday surpassed the requirement and resulted in a vote that had 72 percent of representatives in favor of the resolution. The Senate will soon take up its own version of the proposal. Read More»

Tea Party favors tax? In Senoia, they do

Senoia Tea Party Patriots support Coweta SPLOST

One of the issues Coweta County voters will decide on at the March 6 Presidential Preference Primary is whether to continue the local 1-cent sales tax (SPLOST). Coming out in support of the initiative is the Senoia Tea Party Patriots (STPP). STPP coordinator Joe Cannin in recent statements provided the organization’s position on supporting the continuation. Read More»

Crane supports vote on charter schools

State Sen. Mike Crane on Feb. 9 spoke at the Coweta Charter Academy at Senoia to affirm his support for the charter school movement. Photo/Ben Nelms.

It’s all about a proposed constitutional amendment aimed at restoring the state’s right to approve charter schools.

And that was the message brought by District 28 Sen. Mike Crane on Feb. 9 to a group of parents and employees at the Coweta Charter Academy at Senoia.

Crane was clearly in support of House Resolution 1162 that would restore the state’s ability to approve charter schools. The Georgia Senate followed suit earlier this week with Senate Resolution 853 that would accomplish the goal specified in HR 1162. Read More»

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