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The little President who never grew up

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If you ever wondered how Pee Wee Herman would perform as President of the United States, well, now you know.

With the background ooompah music of the circus calliope wearing on nerves, acrobats and clowns would perform their absurd routines to entertain crowds seeking diversion from the real world.

Sounds a lot like the Obama administration’s fumbling national security issues while the mainstream media dutifully diverts the public from our own leadership failures. Read More»

At-risk veterans & their healing dogs

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Since 9-11 we have asked a great deal of our all-volunteer military. Over a decade of deployments to war zones make our present force the most combat-experienced ever, but sending individual troops on three, four, five or more combat tours levies immeasurable cost to them and their family.

It should be no surprise that we have a spike in the number of veterans with post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) issues and traumatic brain injury (TMI), wounds that are not outwardly visible, and sometimes the care they receive just isn’t enough.
Read More»

Who’s to blame for ice jam mess?

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You may not like my take on last week’s winter storm debacle.

On Tuesday afternoon, the winter storm stranded drivers in and around Atlanta for untold hours in gridlocked traffic as they tried to rush home, marooning many in their cars overnight with countless kids unexpectedly stuck in schools overnight because the roads were impossibly clogged.

Even in quiet little Peachtree City, my daughter’s 10-minute drive home from McIntosh High School took her nearly two hours. Read More»

You can help support our troops — here’s how

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I want to tell you three things about honoring those who serve our country in uniform.

First, Peachtree City’s own Mimi Gentilini has a long record of supporting our deployed troops. I remember a number of years her restaurant staff gathered donations in cash and in kind, and loaded up an SUV to the gills with goodies, to be delivered to a central collection point for flight to young Americans in Iraq and Afghanistan. Read More»

America’s unfortunate apology culture

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Raising kids these days comes with challenges. For example, while we try to teach them inner strength, independence and self-reliance, the pop American culture is teaching them sensitivity and the right not to be offended.

That is the root, I suppose, of political correctness, the dimwitted but popular limits on speaking the truth lest some feelings get hurt, followed by a pathetic penchant for apology. Read More»

Betraying our own troops, American style

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By my measure, America’s recent wars have been rife with immorality at the very top, where the well-paid and comfortable and protected make decisions that profoundly affect the lives, and sometimes deaths, of the Americans we send to fight.

I’m not referring to the top generals-turned-politicians bucking for another star by their sudden yes-man enthusiasm for Obama’s trampling the Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell policy. Read More»

The President’s ‘fix’ for Obamacare

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The White House’s urgent retreat came at the same time the French took a bold stand in Geneva, thereby rescuing the U.S. Secretary of State from himself as he tried to give away the store to the Iranians. I haven’t seen such role reversal since masculinity became passe.

To understand the Obamacare train wreck and retreat, you need to ask yourself how much political intrigue you like mixed in with your healthcare? Read More»

Veterans Day and the itch

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Monday was Veterans Day. By temperament I am not well suited to anything ceremonial so I usually avoid parades and formalities, but I did attend the Saturday events at the Commemorative Air Force: Dixie Wing at Falcon Field. It was nicely done.

I was reminded of something by the speakers, Maj. Gen. George Harrison, USAF, Ret., my buddy and fellow Vietnam helicopter pilot Lt. Col. Cliff Stern, U.S. Army, Ret., and Maj. Gen. Robert B. Patterson, USAF, Ret. Here’s some background. Read More»

The Obamacare debacle ...

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... has little to do with website rollout problems, never mind the hysteria that spread among TV talking heads. Sure, it’s easy to throw rocks at the flawed rollout, but it just isn’t what matters about Obamacare.

I’ll tell you what I think but I warn you this may not be an easy read.

New systems have had bumpy starts since before Democrats discovered entitlements, and we all know the hiccups and crashes of a new system. We also know websites, databases and complex systems can be fixed, or at worst can be scrapped and replaced. Read More»

Shutdown: Juvenile self-indulgence

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Some of you blame Republicans for the federal government partial shutdown, some of you blame the Democrats and the President’s refusal to negotiate.

Personally, as a registered Republican, I think the Republican party is superior to Democrats but not by much any more, and that the whole of them taken together have, over the last 50 years, betrayed America and the Constitution. But don’t get me started!

If you listen to the President’s whining speeches, which I no longer can abide for more than a moment, he will tell you the government shutdown is unprecedented, but that is a lie. Read More»

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