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Privatizing of PTC victimizes city’s taxpayers

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There has been a trend to create new cities in the north metro Atlanta suburbs during the past five years. The newly incorporated cities of Sandy Springs, Dunwoody, Johns Creek, Milton and Brookhaven seem to have appeared overnight.

Grass-roots efforts helped establish the new charters through enabling local legislation by the General Assembly followed by an affirmative vote by residents of the proposed cities.

The shiny new cities have promptly elected mayors and councils, hired employees and selected private companies to provide key services to constituents. Read More»

Words from another day

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The meaning of words and expressions from yesterday has changed to the extent my grandmother, Mattie Paulk Loyd, would have difficulty communicating today. She was born in 1877 and lived to be more than 100 years of age.

Grandmother Mattie told me that Aunt Tessie was a poor woman. Her definition of poor had nothing to do with Tessie’s income or financial condition. She meant Tessie looked pathetically skinny and malnourished.

She criticized Uncle Jake for being a gay bachelor in his early adult life. Gay was not a reference to sexual preference in her vocabulary. Read More»

Unopposed local incumbents: Problem or blessing?

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The number of unopposed incumbents qualifying for office in Fayette County indicates residents are either apathetic or just plain happy with elected officials.

Candidates for the majority of Fayette County posts are unopposed in the upcoming election and will be swept into office without the benefit of public debate, consideration of qualifications or any other meaningful community discourse.

The sample ballot for the McIntosh voting precinct reveals that 14 of the 25 races to be decided by voters in the July primary are uncontested. The uncontested races are: Read More»

Charter school amendment charts wrong course

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The state constitution specifies that every child in Georgia is entitled to free public education. It describes education as a responsibility of the state and function of local school systems. Public school budgets and policy decisions are under the control of locally elected boards of education as long as minimum state requirements are met. Read More»

Predictions for 2012

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Last year was characterized by news of scandal, failed government programs, negative politics, natural disasters and other unforeseeable events.

The new year promises to be equally unpredictable. Foretelling is risky for a columnist because readers have the advantage of hindsight and tend to have long memories. I knowingly take the risk of being wrong and offer the following predictions for next year:

• The Atlanta Braves will win the National League pennant and lose to the Los Angeles Angels in the World Series. Read More»

Best and worst of 2011

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Another year ends Saturday and it is time to reflect on the best and worst events of 2011.
The best of 2011 are:
• Navy Seal Team 6 in the dramatic eradication of Osama Bin Laden.

• Democrats and Republicans worked together in the legislature to save the HOPE Scholarship Program in Georgia.

• The McIntosh High School girls soccer team winning the state championship.

• The exciting seven-game baseball World Series between the St. Louis Cardinals and the Texas Rangers.

• The July 4 parade and fireworks display in Peachtree City. Read More»

Thanksgiving thoughts, with credit to Bisher

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Before the emergence of ESPN and other 24-hour sports television coverage, Furman Bisher was the man! It is unlikely there will ever be his equal as sports writer and television analyst. Read More»

It’s time to chart a fundamental new course in PTC

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Three candidates are running in the upcoming election for two available posts on the Peachtree City Council. George Dienhart is unopposed for the post being vacated by Doug Sturbaum and his election is certain regardless of his political views or vision of the future of Peachtree City.

There are early indications that his views are more in line with Mayor Don Haddix than with other sitting members of the council. Read More»

PTC Council behaving badly — all 5 of them

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This writer’s last opinion column was critical of the Peachtree City mayor and four city council members for their June 16 assault on the city’s recreation program. It was noted that their shameful action was the straw that broke the camel’s back and the column called for all five incumbents to resign from office because they had lost credibility with the public. Read More»

PTC Council has lost its credibility, should resign

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A political lynching took place at the Peachtree City Council meeting last Thursday.

The Leisure Services Department, frequently called “Recreation,” was eliminated and two prominent recreation managers were shown the door.

The action by council to eliminate the unit was deceptive and shameful. The uncomfortable vote was unanimous with Eric Imker, Kim Learnard, Vanessa Fleisch, Doug Sturbaum and Mayor Don Haddix voting in favor of the proposal. Read More»

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