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Saving money and lives

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Budget overruns, furloughs, lay-offs, the terrible strain of the past few years’ financial crisis – those of us who are not directly affected still find ourselves paying higher gas prices and trying to spend less at the supermarket. Prescription drugs are so expensive we sometimes cheat and skip a day or so, taking the ones that are not life and death.

Anyhow, I found a couple of suggestions that I’ll betcha can save some money for the Fayette County Board of Education, not to mention teaching social development and responsibility. Read More»

Spring's marching orders

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Okay, readers, listen up. You can put it off no longer. Spring is here and waiting for you to get with it. And no, hammock time does not count.

Get those birdfeeders cleaned out and and filled, but I’ll let you off light if you want to taper off feeder food. Dave, our bird guy, says feeding birds is for our pleasure in seeing them close-up. Winter through mid-spring is when they need us to help feed them. Take your cue from the weather, especially the temperature. Read More»

Wool-gathering at the wheel: As dangerous as DUI

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This column keeps surfacing from somewhere deep in my online documents while I’m looking for something else, but it’s old. I can tell by the updating I’m doing that at least most of it was written quite some time ago. The content suggests that I was holding forth on communicating while driving. And that was before “texting” was even a real term. Read More»

Mary’s cultural holidays

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You stop me in the street, at church and Kroger, even at Curves, and tell me what you like about this column, in no particular order:
One favorite subject is our daughter Mary describing her life as a pianist at the Duesseldorf Opera:

Mary speaks: My neighbor [whom I named Heinrich] never got any further than the grass and circle of bushes that you saw. The remains of a long firecracker lay there for two months. I could never figure out why it took someone until March to remove it. Read More»

Heinrich's Garden

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Been thinking about our daughter Mary’s apartment. Because war damage essentially leveled the north-central German city of Düsseldorf, the city arose from the rubble in a surfeit of architectural gems. Read More»

A first - and a last

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Dear girls,
I thought I’d better write you with details of my first – first! – traffic accident so you aren’t taken by surprise if you see it in the paper.

Never mind the sordid details. Especially since I was found to be at fault. Briefly, as I was turning right off Crosstown Road and onto Peachtree Parkway, a pickup truck came through the 4-way. I watched the truck as long as it was passing where I was waiting, and I started to pull out behind him. Read More»

‘Good night, Gracie’

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Sometimes we catch ourselves using and reusing language, and we delete and rephrase ourselves, proud of rutting out a cliché. Half a page further on and we look at what we’ve written and without hesitation, delete it in favor of a cliché. Some clichés are just right for the job, with no apologies.

Hence a few entries from The Dictionary of Clichés by James Rogers. Some of his more than 2,000 entries are so obscure you wonder why he bothered; others are so exactly right they shine like a new penny.

Join me amongst the clichés…. Read More»

Smart Little Snowman

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It has been heartening to me the number of grandmas whose grandbabies have been diagnosed with autism. Whether at church or Curves or the Kroger, grandparents of autistic children come up to me with huge smiles and saying, “We have an autistic grandchild too and you’d never know it.”
I still have no idea what to expect – it’s hard having grandchildren who live 700 miles away. Samuel is a joy to our daughter and her husband, and most of those who know him. Read More»

This is the winter

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This is the winter our grandkids will mean when they tell their grandchildren, “You call this snow? Ha! Once we had snow so deep I could stand up in it and disappear. This is nothing! Predicting another 18 inches tonight? Pshaw! We had three feet in Virginia in the Winter of 2010, without drifting. In just one day. With another two feet predicted for the next day.”

This is the winter newscasters will recall giving the news while snowflakes blow crosswise across their faces. Even among women reporters it’s a macho thing. Even if the news is about nothing related to snow. Read More»

That’s just the way it was.

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When I look back on the 10 or so years that I worked at Peachtree Medical Center, I see the history of medical services in my new hometown. Occasionally another member joined the staff, but for at least its first decade, Dr. Henry Drake’s staff consisted of Bonnie, Juanita, Mary Ann and me.

Patients regarded Bonnie and Juanita as nurses, Mary Ann as receptionist, billing and file clerk. I was whatever they needed. Read More»

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