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Head voice

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The problem with most relationships is that men don’t use their brains before they speak. Some women will say most men don’t use their brains at all. I’m afraid I can’t argue with that; besides, that would mean I would have used my brain.

Recent studies have shown that women, on the other hand, not only use their brains, but they actually use both sides of their brains.

Guys, let’s face it — this puts all of us at a great disadvantage. So how can we tip the scales back in our favor, you might ask? That’s where I come in – I’ve made a list. Read More»

Men don't listen

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Spending the better part of my adult life trying to understand the opposite sex, I’ve realized one thing.

It’s a daunting task — a task that I’m incredibly ill-equipped for. Okay, so that’s two things, but they don’t change the fact that when it comes to women, I’m in over my head.

And whether you realize it or not, the rest of you Neanderthals out there are in the same boat. You would be aware of it, if you’d only listen. Read More»

Little white duck

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A lone little white duck floated on the water. Small ripples followed close behind as he paddled around the only place he had known as home. The surroundings were familiar to him, and in that familiarity, he drew solace. Read More»

Mom's oatmeal raisin cookies

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If you fail, try, try again. But how many times do you keep trying before you just give up and call it quits?

Long ago I came to realize that no matter how hard I train, the Olympics would forever be out of my reach. A trip to the moon to retrieve that golf ball will never happen. Read More»

Ghost in the woods

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The wind carried the odd crunching sound and the laughter of the little girl past my ear once again. And again I turned around, only to find no one standing there but The Wife with an odd look on her face. Had she now heard it too?

It had been over an hour, and our walk through the woods surrounding the lake had been uneventful — except for the crunching and the laughter. Both had started soon after we entered the woods. Read More»

Snowball etiquette

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The snowball was the size of a grapefruit, or at least it felt that big when it slammed into the back of my head. With the force of a sledgehammer, it almost bowled me over. Snow then slipped down the inside of my shirt. The wetness brought with it the frigid hand of Old Man Winter.

I didn’t have to turn around to know who had hurled it my way. But turn around I still did.

The second snowball hit harder than the first. It brought me to my knees. Under a snow-covered cheek, my skin stung like a thousand bee stings, then suddenly went numb. This was war. And I was losing – losing badly. Read More»

Not so happy Valentine’s Days

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I’ve learned many life lessons during my 51-plus years on this spinning blue orb. Some have been easy to learn, some have been very difficult, and there are still a few I’ve yet to master. Knowing the perfect gift for Valentine’s Day is at the top of my “yet to be mastered” list.

To say that I’ve made mistakes about how I’ve celebrated this special day of love would be an understatement. I’ve made some colossal blunders that will live in infamy. To help save the rest of you Neanderthals out there (and your relationships) from going down in flames, I’ve listed but a few below. Read More»

Cups, String, and Dinosaurs

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When Twin Brother Mark pulled the string tight and talked, I was blown away. With the can cupped to my ear, I heard everything he said. It didn’t matter the span was only 20 feet between us and I could’ve heard him perfectly without the use of our new communication device. For us kids at the time, a soup can and string was the cutting edge of technology. Read More»

Standing on the shoulders of giants

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The 6-year-old boy looked up with eyes full of admiration at the giant of a man and said, “When I grow up, I want to be just like you, Dad.”

The father smiled and lifted his son up. Little arms and legs wrapped around and clung. The two exchanged one of the precious moments in life that words would only cheapen. The father closed his eyes and wished, “No, son, don’t be like me. Be better. Learn from my mistakes.” The son climbed higher and stood on his father’s shoulders to watch the parade. Read More»

Beware the incoming tide

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The receding water tugged at the corners of the magnificent castle he had built. As each wave folded back onto itself, it took with it handfuls of sand. The sand was pulled under the water and reclaimed by the tide’s relentless force.

The boy’s blue eyes filled with tears as he watched the mighty sandcastle he had spent the better part of a day building slowly dissolve. Helplessness filled his small 6-year-old frame, forcing him to his knees, and he wept. Everything he had worked so hard for was being washed away. Despite his best efforts, the impending disaster was unavoidable. Read More»

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