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Legislative update: Cross-state health insurance bill advances

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Last week the House convened for legislative days 28 through 30. As I have previously mentioned, Day 30 of the legislative session is referred to as “Cross-Over Day,” as it is the final day of the session that a bill can move out of the House or Senate and still be considered by the other body before the end of the session on Day 40.

It is always a long and late day with dozens of bills being considered on the floor of the House, and this year was no different. Read More»

Week 7 legislative update: Crossover Day coming soon

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This past week the Georgia General Assembly convened for legislative days 25-27. With cross-over day (Day 30) looming, committee activity was incredibly busy this week with members seeking to move legislation to the Consideration Calendar to ensure it is eligible for consideration by the whole House on or before Day 30, the last day for consideration of House bills. Read More»

State revenue collection rates worst since Depression

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This past week the legislature reconvened for legislative days 21-24 after being in recess for two weeks of budget hearings. It was a busy week both on the floor of the House and in committee rooms all around the Capitol. Read More»

Week 5 legislative update: House to tackle budget hearings

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Last week the General Assembly convened for legislative days 18-20 of the 2010 session of the Georgia legislature. We have officially reached the half-way point of the 40-day session and there is still much work to be done.

Last week the Senate adopted the FY 2010 mid-year budget adjustment that was passed by the House the previous week. As I previously reported, the measure included in excess of $1 billion in additional spending cuts. These reductions were necessary to balance the budget due to much lower than expected state revenues brought on by the still struggling economy. Read More»

Georgia House Week 3: Water and property tax

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Last week the Georgia General Assembly was in session for days 9-13 of the 2010 legislative session. Significant work continued in committees all around the Capitol and the flow of bills on the floor of the House began to increase. In addition, several important pieces of legislation were introduced last week in both the House and the Senate. Read More»

Reps study healthcare, gang laws

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This week the Georgia General Assembly convened for days 5-8 of the 40-day session. The majority of the work this week was done in committee rooms around the Capitol as bills begin moving through the committee process so that they may be considered by the full House and Senate later in the session. Read More»

Week 1 legislative update: Stark fiscal choices ahead

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On Monday, Jan. 10, the state legislature convened for Day One of the 2010 session. In many ways it was an historic day.

During November and December, a variety of disturbing events occurred that led to the resignation of the former Speaker of the House Glenn Richardson. That meant that for the second time in as many years the House had to elect a new speaker and a new speaker pro tem on the first day of session. Read More»

Healthcare bill will cripple Georgia’s budget

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We were met this weekend with the disturbing news that U.S. Senator Ben Nelson (D-Nebraska) had finally agreed to vote yes for the Democrats’ healthcare bill, providing the crucial 60th vote and assuring passage of the measure in the Senate.

Upon passage, the House and Senate will appoint negotiators to a joint House-Senate conference committee, which will resolve the differences between the House and Senate versions of the bill and send a final product back to both chambers for final approval — only then does the bill go to the President. Read More»

House leaders must meet tests of high moral and ethical standards

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Amazingly, it is now mid-December and Christmas is just a matter of days away. After the holidays the Georgia General Assembly will convene for the second year of the current two-year term of the legislature.
As I have written in recent weeks, the issue that will dominate the upcoming legislative session more than any other is our state’s budget due to economy.
November revenue numbers were released last week and the picture remains bleak with a more than 17 percent drop compared to last November. Read More»

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