We keep sending same people, keep getting same result

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A few weeks ago the Fayette County Republican Party hosted both me and Mr. Westmoreland. I was asked to speak first and the main thrust of my talk was that our Congress is broken.

I asked the 75 or so people in attendance if anyone could name a single action by Congress that has either made the environment for their business better or made them feel more secure in their job. Not a single person could think of anything.

I also asked Reagan’s classic question, if anyone was better off today than they were four years ago. Only one person raised his hand.

It is a sad reality that a group of well informed, well educated, concerned citizens couldn’t find one thing that Congress had done to improve their lives.

Our national debt is currently $15.7 trillion and climbing, and our annual deficit, which is projected to be $1.3 trillion for this year, is the usual focus of my message. This meeting was no exception.

After I spoke, Mr. Westmoreland also addressed the issue of our national debt and deficit. His response was to state it would have been worse if the Democrats had been in charge of the House of Representatives.

Frankly I was dumbstruck. One of 435 of the most powerful men in America justifies the continued excessive spending by saying it could be worse? Unbelievable.

This attitude is precisely why incumbents are losing left and right. The latest example was in Nebraska where the anti-establishment candidate won the nomination for U.S. Senate. This proved yet again that the voters of our great nation will not, and cannot, afford “business as usual” anymore.

A second striking aspect of our joint appearance was our differing priorities. When Mr. Westmoreland spoke about his accomplishments over the past four terms, he listed recruiting Republican candidates, and working on redistricting as some of his top accomplishments.

With all due respect, we have so many glaring problems begging for real solutions that those stated achievements do not mean a whole lot if they don’t address any real problems. While Congress is rearranging the deck chairs, the Titanic is still sinking.

What we need is a Congress, and a congressman, (take out “a” and make congressman, congressmen) who cares less about their own political future and more about the future of our nation. The time for action is now.

Kicking the can down the road is no longer an option. We have run out of road, and are deep in the woods. The American people must demand a change in the way Congress operates. Both parties are guilty and both need serious reforms.

Albert Einstein famously said, “The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, and expecting a different result.” Isn’t that what we have been doing with our congressmen? Isn’t it time to break the mold, and demand performance?

As a military officer I was taught that I was responsible for everything my men did or did not do. We must hold our representatives responsible for what Congress does, or fails to do. No excuses, no finger pointing, just hard work and commitment.

I will take my infantry mentality of “lead, follow, or get out of the way” with me to Congress. I will let you decide who is doing what.

How can you decide who will best represent you in Congress? Simple, let’s have debates and allow the voters to test the candidate’s mettle. I have proposed 13 debates in the 13 counties. That seems like a good idea to me.

If you agree that debates would help voters make an informed decision, then get involved and make it happen.

Candidates ignore an engaged electorate at their own peril. Every candidate in every state in our great country should be held accountable in front of their constituents and asked to explain their ideas and solutions to the many problems facing our nation. Our freedom and our liberty depend on it.

[Kent Kingsley is a Republican candidate for Congress in the Third Congressional District which includes Fayette and Coweta counties. He is a retired U.S. Army Infantry lieutenant colonel, owns a small real estate company in Lamar County and lives in Milner, between Griffin and Barnesville. He is an advocate for the Fair Tax, balanced budgets and federal term limits. His website is kingsleyforcongress.com.]

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