Country’s mood favors turnover of incumbents

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This [past] week a 36-year incumbent, Senator Richard Luger of Indiana, was easily defeated in the Republican primary. An incumbent Republican also lost in Ohio, and another incumbent Democrat lost in Pennsylvania.

To sum it up, 2012 has been a very bad year for establishment politicians in Congress so far. All over the country we see incumbent after incumbent defeated in primary elections

What’s behind this national trend to replace long-time leaders in Congress?

It’s simple: when voters recognize that the status quo in Congress is getting them nowhere but further and further in debt, they come out in droves to hold establishment politicians accountable.

In 2006 and 2008 the Republicans were kicked out of Congress and we lost the Presidency because, frankly, Republicans weren’t acting like Republicans. They were spending too much and running the national debt up sky high.

In 2010 the Democrats lost the House and seats in the Senate because they too had gone too far in spending and adding to the size and scope of government. What will 2012 be?

2012 will be the fourth wave election in a row, but it will be different. In the last eight years America has had an all Republican federal government (2005-2006), an all Democrat federal government (2009-2010), and a divided federal government (2007-2008 and 2011-2012). Has any of it worked? No!

In the last eight years we have seen the national debt double, record high gas prices, and soaring unemployment. So what is different this year? This year the people have had enough with incumbents of both parties.

2012 will be the year of the anti-incumbent challenger. There will be new freshman congressman walking the halls of Congress next year and a new occupant in the White House.

Why will this wave continue to happen? The President is resolute with his far-left agenda. The Senate might as well not exist; there has been no budget in three years. The House Republicans continue to refuse to end the massive spending [of] our federal government. We are on track to have another $1.3 trillion in debt this year.

Yes, that is correct, $1.3 trillion. We had the single highest one-month deficit in the history of the United States just three months ago in February. When asked about our ballooning debt and deficit this past Saturday [May 5] our current Congressman, Mr. Westmoreland, defended the current massive deficit by saying it would have been worse if Nancy Pelosi and the Democrats were still in control of the House.

I guess we are supposed to be thankful their bad behavior isn’t worse.

That is why a large turnover of incumbents in 2012 is good for the country. We can and must have men and women that aren’t tied to the old broken ways of our current Congress.

We need men and women that believe they can make a difference, and will work day and night to save America from bankruptcy and calamity.

Those individuals are out there, they are ready to lead America to a brighter day. There is still time to turn the ship of state around, but it takes the effort of every citizen.

With everyone working hard toward a brighter future, we will see the incumbents will fall. One by one Senators and Congressmen who are no longer working for the best interests of their districts, states and nation will receive their pink slips at the ballot box.

Then in November, we’ll see the biggest incumbent of all defeated. With a new President and re-invigorated Congress the nation will finally be back on the path to prosperity.

[Kent Kingsley is a Republican candidate for Congress in the Third Congressional District which includes Fayette and Coweta counties. He is a retired U.S. Army Infantry lieutenant colonel, owns a small real estate company in Lamar County and lives in Milner, between Griffin and Barnesville. He is an advocate for the Fair Tax, balanced budgets and federal term limits. His website is]

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