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Listening to the candidates

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It’s amazing what you can see when your nose isn’t in a typewriter.

Usually at political forums I’m typing 70 miles an hour to document all the politics and the monotonous stuff next to nobody cares about.

It’s a battle against hand cramps, carpal tunnel syndrome and general frustration for sitting in one place for so long.

A few weeks ago I left the keyboard at home. My partner in crime Ben Nelms covered the forum for the Republican Post 4 candidates. I sat back and watched, scribbling a few handwritten notes in my “other” role as a resident of the new 4th District. Read More»

Failing to plan makes Atlanta look bad

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Let’s dub our Tuesday weather excursion “Freakslick.” Just like the party of the same name, it led to gridlock on Atlanta highways and roads. Heck, our roads here too in Fayette County to a fair extent.

Unleashing that volume of traffic on Atlanta without snow and ice would’ve been bad enough on the finest of summer days. But pile on a heaping helping of nonexistent planning on top of snow and ice ... and you have a national embarrassment for the Atlanta area, and sadly yes that includes you and me. Read More»

Atlanta image taking a beating in the 2014 Icecapades

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How bad is it? It's so bad that even folks up north are watching the news, shaking their heads, and saying "Bless Their Heart."

Here in the Atlanta area, there's a different kind of blessing going on, as reporters are channeling the rage of those who were stuck spending the night in schools, on school buses stranded in the road, and commuters who faced times upwards of 7 to 10 and even 12 (twelve!) hours home if not more. The reporters are unleashing on Gov. Nathan Deal, who made the unfortunate remark that this snowstorm was "unexpected." Read More»

A queasy feeling about truth in PTC

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In the journalism business when you run across a Truth Teller, you value them. You respect them. You trust them. Particularly when they prove to be right over and over again.

Truth Tellers are willing to share everything of public record with you, warts and all, even if it might make themselves or their agency look the slightest bit bad. They tend to have a thick skin and understand that at the end of the day, all public good is served by being OPEN and most of all, telling the TRUTH. Both openness and truth in government lead to credibility. Read More»

Ballard discredited as DA and columnist

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For all of the job duties of a prosecutor, turning a blind eye to a potential crime is not one of them.

Yet that is exactly what our District Attorney, Scott Ballard, has done in his “investigation” into a physical affair between a then-sitting Superior Court Judge and a defense attorney.

Ballard should have probed the cases leading up to the moment the couple was caught in the throes of passion. Do you really think they would dare be caught doing such judicial tomfoolery AFTER they were caught? Read More»

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