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Is America’s house divided again?

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Having just viewed Steven Spielberg’s “Lincoln,” and having observed Lincoln’s birthday, it seemed fitting to ponder one of Lincoln’s most famous speeches, and perhaps a lesson for Americans today.

On June 17, 1858 — less than three years before the Civil War — Lincoln gave his famous “House Divided” address while being nominated to run for the U.S. Senate seat in Illinois. Read More»

Here’s another way to mark Thanksgiving 2011

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How will you spend your Thanksgiving Day this year? Sleep in because you have extra days off? Settle down to watch football? Pull up a chair at 4 o’clock to eat a huge feast? Make plans for Black Friday, plotting with the multitudes to storm the stores and “shop-until-you-drop?”

Why not consider another tradition? The tradition of the Pilgrims, honored nationally since the days of George Washington. Read More»

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