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Hernandez tale leaves us shaking our heads

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The fall of Aaron Hernandez was at the top of the news most of last week. The former Florida Gator and now former New England Patriot was arrested for allegedly taking the life of semi-pro football player Odin Lloyd, who news reports said was dating his fiancee’s sister. He’s innocent until proven guilty, but Hernandez was arrested for murder and weapons charges.

Hernandez was a blessed man. Last August, the Patriots liked him so much they gave him a $40 million contract. He lives in a $1.7 million house. He is a New England celebrity. The organization believed in him. Read More»

Pick a church, or several churches?

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Sociologists are reporting they see a trend that a number of church goers are regularly attending multiple churches in the course of a week or month. Several years ago, in an email column entitled “Monday Morning Insight” (www.mmiblog.com), an article attributed to The New York Times stated that more Christians are picking and choosing among programs and ministries that satisfy their personal needs. These folks are fine with floating from church to church. Read More»

Don’t mean to sound preachy, but ...

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Her picture in the paper depicted her as a beautiful young lady. Bright eyes, cheerful countenance, a mischievous smile. Kirby was a good kid from a good, middle class family just like the families in our community. Her driver’s license was only four days old. She and about 40 other classmates from Shiloh High School in Gwinnett County were partying one Friday night several years ago. The midnight hour approached, and as she was rushing home to make curfew, she lost control of her mother’s car as she sped around a curve on a winding, hilly road. Read More»

VBS: Facing fear, trusting Go

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What are you most afraid of? Heights? Failure? Riding over long bridges? Who was it that sang “I don’t like spiders and snakes ...”?

I read this week that psychologists have identified 628 kinds of phobias. For instance, achluophobia is fear of darkness; bathmophobia is fear of stairs or steep slopes; belonephobia is fear of pins and needles; cacophobia is fear of ugliness; amnesiphobia is fear of ... I can’t remember that one. Mageirocophobia is fear of cooking. The list goes on and on. Read More»

Ten things I love about my mother

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Tony Campolo’s homemaker wife attended a faculty gathering at the University of Pennsylvania with her professor husband. A sociologist asked her, “What do you do, my dear?”

Her reply? “I am socializing two homo sapiens in the dominant values of the Judeo-Christian tradition in order that they might be instruments for the transformation of the social order into the teleologically prescribed utopia inherent in the eschaton.”

In other words, “I’m a mother, and a pretty good one at that!” Read More»

Age is just a number

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Last week, I presided over the funeral of a 96-year-old lady. She was a remarkable woman who graduated from hospice twice. The first time she willed herself out, she told her daughters, “I’m not going to die, I’m going home.” And she did.

Shortly after that, she walked in Southwest Christian Hospice’s 5K and raised the second-highest amount of money. Two days before falling and breaking some ribs, she had been on her treadmill and exercise bike.

When I visited her in the hospital, I asked, “Don’t you want to make it to 100? You’re so close.”
Read More»

Honesty still exists today

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Maybe you missed the amazing story of Lindsey Scallan’s lost camera. I first saw it on Facebook on Palm Sunday when someone posted a Hawaii television station’s story about the hunt for the young lady who, six years earlier, had been vacationing and scuba diving in Hawaii. Read More»

Where is the wonder of Easter?

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I’ve not yet made it to the Grand Canyon, but it’s on my list of places to see before I “kick the bucket.” I understand it’s a place of awe that takes your breath away. Read More»

Are we the walking dead?

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AMC cable network claims that “The Walking Dead” is the most watched drama in basic cable TV history. Filmed in nearby Senoia, each episode features sheriff Rick Grimes and his band of survivors seeking refuge in a dreary post-apocalyptic world. Weekly they fight zombies who roam the earth, yet they also face danger from the living. These survivors have become the walking dead.

Jesus presented some hard-hitting messages to the seven churches of The Revelation. In His letter to the church at Sardis, Jesus told these believers they were dead, a church of Zombies. Read More»

Revive us again! We need it!

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Have you ever thought about why a pigeon walks so awkwardly? In a devotional reading in Our Daily Bread, Martin De Haan shared that a pigeon’s eyes cannot focus as it moves, so the bird actually has to bring its head to a complete stop between steps in order to refocus. It proceeds clumsily — head forward, stop, head back. Read More»