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Welcome to the sharia world

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My jaw dropped in horror last week as we all watched the sickening scenes of Islamic terrorists attacking the Charlie Hebdo satire magazine in Paris. These Muslims barbarically murdered 12 people and left many others wounded.

The terrorists’ motive for murder had a short-term and long-term goal: defend the honor of Muhammad, and impose sharia law. We may be appalled by Muslim goals and actions, and hope these things don’t happen in America. I am warning you right now: sharia is already being imposed here, but in a way you don’t realize. Read More»

What is the origin of our ‘rights’?

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The silence is deafening from a recent court ruling. No mainstream news agency reported this significant decision from the European Court of Human Rights.

Just weeks ago this high European court reaffirmed its 2012 verdict stating there is no right to gay marriage. It is as if the event never happened, unless you read Breitbart.com.

This is because the media along with the cultural elite in this country are convinced that gay marriage is a fundamental right, so any story that opposes that narrative will get little traction. Read More»

Welcome to Auschwitz

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Living near the busiest airport in the world has its benefits. It is easy to explore the world whether for work or pleasure. I have visited nearly every state in our country and 40 others around the world.

Occasionally when I am traveling for work I take my children with me. Not every place we have traveled has been fun, but every destination has provided a learning and growing opportunity for them. I do my best to maximize those opportunities. Read More»

Diversity: Missing the point

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It’s amazing how someone can read a column and see something entirely different than what is written. A recent response to my column on diversity and inclusion is a classic example of missing the point.

The purpose of the column was not to deny the reality of a diverse community or to imply that a diverse community is a bad thing. I don’t think that, nor said that. The reason for the column was to show that diversity and inclusion are not important. Read More»

Are diversity, inclusion important?

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Recently, my middle school daughter’s English teacher assigned his students to write an essay on the Fayette County NAACP’s annual Martin Luther King, Jr. Day theme. This year the topic is “Why Inclusion and Diversity is Important for the Future Health of Our Community?”

We had a great conversation about Martin Luther King and civil rights in preparation to write her essay. The topic caused me to think a lot, too, so I thought I would write one of my own. Read More»

Celebrating the shutdown

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We are several days now into a partial shutdown of the federal government. While many people may loathe the budget impasse in Washington, I am celebrating. However, I am not celebrating for reasons you may think. True, I tend to have more conservative political leanings, but my gratefulness is not really for political reasons.

I applaud the shutdown for the opportunity it presents for Christians. Without government services, who will help meet the needs of our neighbors? This is an occasion for churches to shine! Read More»

Discrimination by any other name

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My family has lived in Fayette County for 23 years. It is a great place to live, work, and raise a family. We have a great neighborhood with lots of variety from little kids to retired people. Some of our neighbors are native Georgians and some, like my wife and me, are from other parts of the country.

Religious diversity in our neighborhood includes Baptist, Mormon, Seventh Day Adventist, Catholic, agnostic and more. There are both Democrats and Republicans. It is also racially diverse. Read More»

Incorrect, insensitive season’s wishes

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Warning: I am about to say something very offensive. You should either stop reading now or get ready to be outraged. But I am going to do it anyway, so here it comes:

Merry Christmas!!

I do not wish you “Happy Holidays,” (Happy Holy Days ... hmm ... mmm ... maybe I ought to reconsider the offensive value of that phrase, too), but I want you to have a very, merry Christmas. Read More»

Of luminaries and free lunches

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Adults generally know that it is a good idea for children eat their vegetables. Children would probably eat Pop Tarts, candy, and pizza for every meal if you would let them. They love how these foods taste, but don’t really understand that a steady diet of these things will eventually make them sick.

Adults want children to do their chores, not because adults are mean or lazy, but because they know that children should contribute to running a household and they need to learn how to work. Read More»

Promote, not provide, healthcare

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Unless you were deep sea diving, in the jungles of the Amazon, or lost in space, you heard the Supreme Court has upheld the controversial Affordable Care Act. I don’t want to get into whether it is good law or bad law (it’s bad). Nor do I want to talk about alternative legislation to this government monstrosity.

I want to ask the question we seldom ask: Should the federal government be involved in the healthcare business? What is the role of government? Read More»

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