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Who’s laughing now?

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Last week a Peachtree City woman was arrested and charged with two felonies for bigamy. She allegedly married a second man under an assumed name so as to avoid the law.

But why do we care? Why is it even a crime for this woman to marry someone she loves? Why can’t she marry two men or even six if she wants? Read More»

Happy birthday, Earth!

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On April 22 more than 500 million people around the world celebrated, as they do every year. There were ceremonies, proclamations, and news stories. There were donations and gifts. There were acts of service. Our schools devoted whole portions of the curriculum to this birthday.

For years our schools have sent home little banks with our elementary kids to collect donations for the Nature Conservancy or one of its numerous shell organizations. Read More»

The big lie: No religion in schools

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Recent local and national events have raised the ardor of the discussion regarding religion in public life. Whether it is the political debates surrounding the Presidential candidates or the religious beliefs of our school board chairman, the appropriateness of religion in public policy is a hotly disputed subject.

What amazes me is that we miss the obvious when it comes to metaphysics, religion, and theology in public discussions. It is what I call a tale of two assumptions. Read More»

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