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Fayette was told about district voting years ago

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It’s a one-two punch.

Fayette gets a public relations black eye on the subject of race relations, and its taxpayers (black and white) get hammered with an expenditure of one to two million dollars. All that for the sake of obsessing against district voting.

In February 2005 — 10 years ago — The Citizen published a letter to the editor from me about district voting.

Staying away from divisive issues about race, which unfortunately provide the most solid basis for judicial redress, I presented the other arguments that favor district voting. Read More»

Much fraud against elderly is preventable

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All of us, and I mean absolutely all of us, are the potential victims of criminal activity, including fraud. That does not mean we should be neurotic about it, but we certainly should be vigilant.

Many of us are more vulnerable than others, and thus more attractive targets. That would include the young and many of the old, especially those with diminished mental capacity, often labeled with the Latin term of dementia. Read More»

Fayette seniors subjected to legal abuse

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Rule 1.8 (h) of the Georgia Rules of Professional Conduct for lawyers provides that “a lawyer shall not make an agreement prospectively limiting the lawyer’s liability to a client for malpractice unless permitted by law and the client is independently represented in making the agreement.” Read More»

Adventures on the Jail Committee

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Some people are suspicious, even envious, whenever they realize someone received some sort of appointment which they fantasize might have brought them prestige, influence or money. Conspiracy theorists may experience relief — or if they are sufficiently neurotic, disbelief — from learning about my recent Jail Committee experience.

How It Got Started

In late January I unexpectedly received in the mail a letter on Fayette County stationery, signed by the then newly-appointed chairman of the Board of Commissioners, Steve Brown.
Read More»

2 solutions to our schools’ money problems

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What is most disturbing about the current reports that our Fayette school board is about to perform radical surgery on the system, through a drastic slashing of expenses and school closings, is that it is so unnecessary, and of course harmful for the community.

Where there is no vision, we learn from the Scriptures, the people perish. I am afraid we have a school board without vision, which prompts me to speak up, not so much for the benefit of the clueless voters who elect our school board members as for the benefit of the nonvoting students who have to suffer the consequences. Read More»

Updated history of Fayette’s sales taxes

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It was four years ago that I provided, in these pages, a history of our Fayette sales tax.

There have been interesting developments since then, such as a renewed and heightened interest in taxation by some of our citizens styling themselves as the Tea Party.

We have also had a few more tax votes such as on the recent regional T-SPLOST, on July 31, which was defeated two-to-one in the Atlanta region that includes Fayette. Read More»

Some positive alternatives to T-SPLOSTs

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For some people, the sales tax is the answer to everything. Even for transportation.

With imagination — some call it vision — it is not that hard to come up with answers other than a sales tax. Negative thinking seldom produces positive results, but positive thinking does. So take a look at these ideas.

Who drives on roads? The answer: people who have a driver’s license. They’re the ones who should be interested in improving our roads, not the old ladies in the nursing home who don’t drive anywhere. Read More»

Another side of SPLOST for the thinking citizen

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Imagine yourself down on your luck, homeless and hungry, when someone comes along who gives you one hundred dollars, but with one little catch: your money comes in the form of a certificate that can be used only for buying shoes. Nothing else. You can’t trade it or bargain with it for anything else: it’s got to go for shoes.

Well, that’s about the situation we put ourselves in when we vote for one of these special purpose local option sales taxes called SPLOST. Read More»

Elections, your mother and other deep thoughts

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In a July 3 column by Scott Bradshaw, we’re asked to consider whether having unopposed local incumbents in our elections is a blessing or a problem.

Let me first explain the obvious: for an unopposed incumbent, being unopposed is largely a blessing. I have yet to see one who openly challenges anyone to “bring it on” before the qualification period expires. Read More»

No tax can ever be ‘fair’ that wastes our money

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Some people believe everything they’re told. Others are not so gullible.

About a week ago, my representative in Congress, Lynn Westmoreland, mailed me a large postcard purporting to offer Tax Tips, A Resource Guide for Your 2011 Tax Return. The card clearly indicated it was prepared, published and mailed at taxpayer expense.

The first “tip” was the headline Tax Day: April 16th.

That was dead wrong. The deadline this year is April 17. Read More»

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