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Does an ‘October surprise’ await us?

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For more than 30 years, political pundits have raised red flags about an “October surprise,” an unexpected announcement or event that blind-sides a political opponent or party just before the November election.

Google “October surprise” for a quick course in previous suspiciously timed disclosures or actions that seem to be aimed at maximum effect on the electorate. Note that both Democrats and Republicans have been accused of dropping October surprises onto the public plate. Read More»

Lessons to be learned from the July 20 vote

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Fayette County Republicans Tuesday ended the one-term political careers of two well-connected county commissioners and extended for another four years that of a late-blooming school board reformer.

In the process, voters resurrected the electoral fortunes of a twice-defeated former Peachtree City mayor, elevated a political novice to the county commission and sent a nearly invisible school board candidate back to civic club functions. Read More»

Letters from the editor: May 11, 2010

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THE STATE OF JUSTICE IN FAYETTE: Two judges from the same judicial circuit resign within days of each other, both because of women who are not their wives.

That’s probably unprecedented in Georgia history ... not the “not wives” part, but the near simultaneous resignations. Read More»

Dems pull biggest taxpayer heist in history

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Courtesy of President Obama, Speaker Nancy Pelosi, Sen. Harry Reid and the Democrats in Congress (only Democrats, not one Republican), below are the new taxes you and I are facing in years to come, as detailed by the nonpartisan Tax Foundation.

Wherever you see fees and taxes on various businesses, manufacturers and industries, put your name in the place of those corporations, including insurance companies, because you and I will be paying those fees and taxes in the form of higher prices for goods and services: Read More»

Local government employees and the rest of us

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I admit: When I heard Peachtree City Fire Chief Ed Eiswerth use the phrase,”Don’t balance the budget on the backs of the employees,” yet again in the closing minutes of the City Council’s Saturday retreat session, I was steamed enough to yell at the streaming video:

“So, you want to balance it on my back instead?” Read More»

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