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Guns and governing philosophy, Part 1

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Mention the word, and the walls go up, the blood-red line gets drawn in the sand: Guns.

Since these pages have seen lots of rhetorical ammunition expended in recent months about the issue of gun control, I decided to waste a little more ink and space to try some logical thinking instead of emitting emotions.

Here we must honestly agree on some basic premises, or the communications have ended, like a yes-no decision tree.

Our Declaration of Independence contains this famous sentence: Read More»

13 years later, another Christmas

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The opinion reprinted below first appeared in The Citizen Christmas week, 1999.

In the year of our Lord 19 hundred and 99 ...

Many cultural commentators argue that the United States has entered the post-Christian era, and many applaud that transition as a desirable change in an increasingly multicultural society with diverse religious viewpoints. Read More»

A failure of leadership in the Fayette school system

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Wednesday evening just after 6 p.m. the Fayette County Board of Education came out of a session closed to the taxpaying public and voted 4-to-1 in favor of a “mutual termination agreement” for Jeff Bearden, for two years the superintendent of the local school system.

One day later, we — meaning the media, the 3,000 school system employees, some 20,000 students and tens of thousands of taxpaying residents of Fayette County — still are in the dark about what happened in that three-hour secret session to bring all of us to this point: A system in crisis, now leaderless. Read More»

July 31 vote: What does it all mean?

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Power. Who has it, and who hasn’t.

That’s what the July 31 vote results — and any election — mean.

So who has the power we the people have delegated to them for the next two to four years?

Answers to that in a second. Let’s first deal with that strange fowl, the lame duck.

Here are Fayette County’s lame ducks — elected officials still in power until Jan. 1, 2013 but forbidden or unable to exercise effective power after that date:

Sheriff — Wayne Hannah. Expect no problems here. There will be a smooth transition. Read More»

Fayette County primary election final unofficial results

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A new sheriff in town, runoffs in 2 county commission races, change coming to school board

10:32 p.m. — I was saying cautiously the past few days that Sheriff Wayne Hannah could lose, but I never figured how badly he would get beat. Former Sheriff’s Captain Barry Babb will take office Jan. 1 to replace the one-term incumbent Hannah.

Big shifts in power will be coming to the Fayette County Commission and the Board of Education. Read More»

The email exchange Scott Hollowell did NOT release

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Since school board candidate Scott Hollowell has made my editorial column published July 25 the centerpiece of his final days of campaigning, it might be helpful to include what Hollowell is omitting from the original email exchange.

Hollowell is charging that “... I’ve been denied publication in The Citizen ...”

That is a lie. Read the exchange below — particularly the email that explicitly conditions Hollowell’s spending money with The Citizen on printing, for free, his and his supporters’ letters in The Citizen — and draw your own conclusions. Read More»

Whom I voted for, and why

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I early-voted last week. Here are my votes for the most important electoral choices on the Republican ballot (reasons follow):

School board Post 1 — Barry Marchman

School board Post 2 — Mary Kay Bacallao

U.S. Congress 3rd District — Kent Kingsley


Read More»

PTC Council action revealed as illegal

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With the publication of the GIRMA letter online and in this week’s print edition, the last quasi-legal pretense of the Peachtree City Council majority has been thoroughly discredited.

According to City Councilman Eric Imker, Mayor Don Haddix “stole” nearly $10,000 from the city Read More»

The PTC Council majority vs. the rule of law

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This opinion column begins with some assumptions: We are a nation of laws, not men; we are a state of laws, not men; we are a city of laws, not men. (Ladies, you are included in these variations of John Adams’ famous declaration that he wrote into the 1780 Massachusetts constitution.)

Here in Peachtree City, we have gone off the legal track, and our City Council majority is acting as a government of men, not as a government of laws.

In this column I will show you why I believe the council majority has committed the following violations in taking the recent legislative action that reduced the pay of Mayor Don Haddix from $750 a month down to $75 a month: Read More»

UPDATED OPINION — Come let us reason together

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A COLUMN OF OPINION, UPDATED WITH ALL THE LETTERS — After Thursday night’s historically unprecedented Peachtree City Council action, we could use some reason. What we’ve got is raw political opportunism, self-righteous posturing, gross abuse of power and an almost textbook violation of the U.S. Constitution and Georgia Constitution. Read More»

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