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Blogging Fayette Snowjam 2014

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UPDATE 11:30 p.m. Tuesday, Jan. 28 — Folks around here will be comparing future snow storms to the one we experienced today. It is epic in its scale of "victims," the numbers of people who have been immobilized for hours on Read More»

Beyond SPLOST: Getting radical

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Local environmental activist Dennis Chase has been submitting opinion columns to The Citizen since the mid-1990s, longer than most local officials have been in politics.

So when Dennis asked me a couple of questions about the upcoming county-wide sales tax referendum, I emailed him my opinions. Read More»

The editor responds to BoE member Presberg’s letter

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This response is directed not to his wife and children but to Mr. Presberg, who holds (appointed) public office and should know better than to expose his “progressive” worldview for Fayette voters to examine.

Mr. Presberg essentially makes three points:

1. How dare any student report such negative information about Sandy Creek High School to a parent?

2. How dare the parent write a letter based on that information to a newspaper?

3. And — most egregiously, in Mr. Presberg’s opinion — how dare this newspaper print such a letter? Read More»

OPINION — Why the terrorists won the Boston battle

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OPINION — The terrorists won the battle of Boston, not because of the bombing of the Boston Marathon, but because of what happened afterwards.

American law enforcement — in a number estimated to be beyond 8,000, about the size of an Army infantry division — shut down a major American city on an April Friday.

Why did they shut down Boston and its suburbs and order citizens to “shelter in place”?

Because one armed 19-year-old man was on the loose.

Was this 19-year-old carrying a suitcase nuclear weapon? Read More»

20 years later, it’s still a rollercoaster

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The title atop the column in this space two decades ago was, “The rollercoaster ride begins.”

It was my first column in the first issue of this newspaper — Feb. 10, 1993.

Most of the names on that first masthead are gone, including one signally important one — Dave Hamrick, the first managing editor of what was then called The Fayette Citizen.

He died in 2002 at age 51 as he was playing soccer in a local over-40 league, after getting the paper out earlier that Tuesday. After getting the paper out. Read More»

Bad governing has local addresses

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Since there are plenty of words about gun control this week available nearby, I will postpone Part 2 of my attempt at logic, “Guns and governing philosophy” for another week. (Is that cheering I hear?)

This week, I need to do some catching up on local issues.

First off, despite a painful exchange at a City Council meeting this month, Peachtree City has settled into an uneasy peace, pending mayoral candidate jousts sure to be forthcoming.

I want to bring back to your attention a matter of some constitutional import, since that notion seems much in the news these days. Read More»

Guns and governing philosophy, Part 1

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Mention the word, and the walls go up, the blood-red line gets drawn in the sand: Guns.

Since these pages have seen lots of rhetorical ammunition expended in recent months about the issue of gun control, I decided to waste a little more ink and space to try some logical thinking instead of emitting emotions.

Here we must honestly agree on some basic premises, or the communications have ended, like a yes-no decision tree.

Our Declaration of Independence contains this famous sentence: Read More»

13 years later, another Christmas

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The opinion reprinted below first appeared in The Citizen Christmas week, 1999.

In the year of our Lord 19 hundred and 99 ...

Many cultural commentators argue that the United States has entered the post-Christian era, and many applaud that transition as a desirable change in an increasingly multicultural society with diverse religious viewpoints. Read More»

A failure of leadership in the Fayette school system

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Wednesday evening just after 6 p.m. the Fayette County Board of Education came out of a session closed to the taxpaying public and voted 4-to-1 in favor of a “mutual termination agreement” for Jeff Bearden, for two years the superintendent of the local school system.

One day later, we — meaning the media, the 3,000 school system employees, some 20,000 students and tens of thousands of taxpaying residents of Fayette County — still are in the dark about what happened in that three-hour secret session to bring all of us to this point: A system in crisis, now leaderless. Read More»

July 31 vote: What does it all mean?

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Power. Who has it, and who hasn’t.

That’s what the July 31 vote results — and any election — mean.

So who has the power we the people have delegated to them for the next two to four years?

Answers to that in a second. Let’s first deal with that strange fowl, the lame duck.

Here are Fayette County’s lame ducks — elected officials still in power until Jan. 1, 2013 but forbidden or unable to exercise effective power after that date:

Sheriff — Wayne Hannah. Expect no problems here. There will be a smooth transition. Read More»

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