Peachtree City: Share the path — safely

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Peachtree City’s path system is probably one of our most popular amenities, whether you use it for recreation, transportation, or both.

Whether you are on foot, bike, or golf cart, path users need to remember that they share the path with other types of users. This requires knowing and following the rules, as well as a little bit of consideration for others.

Peachtree City’s Path & Golf Cart ordinance requires all golf cart drivers and bicyclists approaching a pedestrian from behind to provide an audible signal of their approach. Horns or bells are excellent equipment to have on both carts and bikes. Verbal warnings also help to alert a pedestrian to your approach. Pedestrians have all reasonable right-of-way on Peachtree City’s paths, and cyclists and cart drivers can be subject to both civil and criminal penalties for injuries causes.

With that said, pedestrians have some responsibilities as well. If you are wearing head phones on that walk or run, you probably can’t hear the audible signal. You’ll be safer walking on the far left hand side of the path so you can clearly see other path users headed your way and be out of their way.

If you are accompanied by one of our four-footed path users, make sure that leashes don’t extend across the path – this could potentially injure a cyclist hitting the leash or, even worse, injure or kill your dog if a golf cart hits the leash. Also, always make sure to have a means to really control your dog, such as carrying a leash, even if your dog is well-trained enough to immediately obey voice commands. Even friendly and loving dogs can startle a cyclist or pedestrian, causing falls and potential injuries.

Review all Peachtree City path and cart rules . . .

So – what’s your safety suggestion for Peachtree City’s paths?

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Speed of some carts and bikes

I thought carts were limited to a slow speed limit by automatic control

They can't be in many cases. Some are actually driving fast and wild and we are lucky someone doesn't get killed.

If the police don't at least audit the maximum speed and have the repair places set them correctly we are asking for serious trouble.

Young girls are driving faster around curves and blind areas than the boys!

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Young girls are driving...

faster around curves and blind areas than the boys!

I'm shocked!!!

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Agressive Driving Girls

Years ago a friend of mine w/ 3 of 'em said it was because they played sports. He also said something about Madonna.

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I avoid the paths...

they're not that safe from my perspective. Mixing golf carts, pedestrians - young and old - and their pets wandering all over the place. I'll ride on the street.

Betsy Tyler
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Paths: Check out the cherry trees at City Hall while they last

While you're out enjoying the paths safely over the next couple of days, find some excuse -- any excuse -- to drive past City Hall and the Library. The cherry blossoms are exquisite, and we've had several photographers out front this week shooting wedding pics, easter pics, and just the beautiful trees.

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golf carts need horns/bells

I was out walking and enjoying the paths this past weekend and did notice that not one person on a bike or golf cart used a bell or horn to alert me they were passing. It was very dangerous I thought. Also the kids were the ones flying on the golf carts. I still enjoy the paths, that is why I moved here, but I think that it should be a requirement for golf carts to have bells or horns. And maybe they should come with them when buying them at the store.

new to PTC

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Some feel that using the horn

Some feel that using the horn may startle the pedestrian and/or their dog(s). I have been yelled out more then once for using a horn. I have given up using the horn most of the time and yell out "on your left" or something. That seems to be just a little less startling.

While I agree that all golf carts should be equipped with a horn/bell, I think we need to take it a step further and restrict the use of Ipods, walkmans, etc. while on the path system. More times then not I find that using your horn around these people is just a waste of time as they can not hear anything anyway.