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Answers to your questions about life, religion and the Bible
Pastors get some of the most interesting questions from people they meet and people in their congregations. Here are some questions that I’ve gotten over the years and via email for this column. Read More»

Silent Night, Sordid Night

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Americans sick over Congress’ “healthcare” outrage should be glad to sniff the generally unpolluted air of Christmas Eve in order, at last, to hear the angels sing.

Because if anyone ever took a political vote-counter for one of the heavenly host, it had to be a long time ago: not in the eight or nine months we’ve been anguishing over plans to overhaul the way 300 million-plus Americans pay for their healthcare. Read More»

The “science” mantra

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Science is one of the great achievements of the human mind and the biggest reason why we live not only longer but more vigorously in our old age, in addition to all the ways in which it provides us with things that make life easier and more enjoyable.

Like anything valuable, science has been seized upon by politicians and ideologues, and used to forward their own agendas. Read More»

Black education

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Detroit’s (predominantly black) public schools are the worst in the nation and it takes some doing to be worse than Washington, D.C.

Only 3 percent of Detroit’s fourth-graders scored proficient on the most recent National Assessment of Education Progress (NAEP) test, sometimes called “The Nation’s Report Card.” Twenty-eight percent scored basic and 69 percent below basic. Read More»

When Jesus was late to church

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I had unpacked the manger display that a family in the church lends to us each year and was setting it up on a table in the church foyer.
Piece by piece, the display came together — shepherds, wise men, camels, a donkey, a sheep, and, of course, the Virgin Mary and Joseph. One piece, however, was missing.
I went thorough the box again, felt the papers that had wrapped each piece, all to no avail. The central part of the manger scene was missing. Baby Jesus, secure in the manger, was not to be found. Read More»

Economic summit

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Last weekend was an historic time around our house. No, I didn’t finally win an argument with The Wife. Not that we ever argue, mind you, but if we did, I still wouldn’t win. She was the high school debate team coach for three years, and they won the state championship. Why start an argument when you know you’re gonna lose? Read More»

A Christmas Story, Part II Of II, 1992

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Last week, my grouchy toy bear Griz began telling me how he flew with his jackdaw friend Bergdohle to witness the arrival of angels in Bethlehem...

Griz continues:

We found a rock where we could hide from the wind while we waited. I was so excited. Read More»

Merry Christmas, 2009, ‘to all people’

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Americans have celebrated 232 Christmases since we declared our independence from Great Britain, 219 since our federal government was implemented under the new Constitution.

As a nation, we have celebrated in war and in peace, during times of prosperity and during times of great need, in years of hope and in years of despair. The nation has endured, and so has Christmas.

If the official celebration of the birth of the Christ Child did not begin until 300 years later, there was an original celebration, and they got it right. Read More»

Healthcare bill will cripple Georgia’s budget

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We were met this weekend with the disturbing news that U.S. Senator Ben Nelson (D-Nebraska) had finally agreed to vote yes for the Democrats’ healthcare bill, providing the crucial 60th vote and assuring passage of the measure in the Senate.

Upon passage, the House and Senate will appoint negotiators to a joint House-Senate conference committee, which will resolve the differences between the House and Senate versions of the bill and send a final product back to both chambers for final approval — only then does the bill go to the President. Read More»

Do Christmas all year

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I do not have the traditional Christian view of Christmas. Ever since my youngest days, I have looked upon Christmas as being a sort of rah-rah session for the faith, a substitute for having to pay attention on the other 364 days, replete with colored lights and pictures with Santa Claus. Read More»

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