Fayette ranks high among Georgia schools — but we can do better

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If you ask a family that has relocated to Fayette County why they chose to live here, one of the answers will likely be the quality of the school system. The school system was one of the reasons my wife and I chose to live here when we were house hunting. My children attended Fayette County schools from elementary through high school. All three are now in college or graduated.

I appreciate the many skilled teachers who invested in them and helped develop their talents and abilities to prepare them for the next level of education. That is one of the best measures of a good school system. Read More»

Transportation is the important topic again

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Dear Mayor Haddix,

I don’t believe we have formally met, and I should rectify that. But I’m writing now to express my hope that you will be taking your place on the regional transportation planning group with enthusiasm and openness to ideas once believed to be unpopular.

There is a knee-jerk response among elected officials here that regional mass transit is not welcome in Fayette County, that we don’t need it, and that it will bring crime to the area. You are in a perfect position to help dispel those notions and show leadership in bringing Fayette into the 21st century. Read More»

English is Georgia’s official language; guess who’s breaking the law?

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Should English be the official language in Georgia?

Personally, I would think so. But obviously thousands and thousands of our best educated people in Georgia disagree.

It seems that every ten years or so our Georgia legislature gets excited about this. In 1986, our legislature adopted a resolution making English the official state language.

Thinking that was not enough, in 1996 our Georgia General Assembly enacted a statute (code section 50-3-100) designating English as our official language and requiring its use in governmental documents and records. Read More»

Remembering a Georgia star whose greatness was cut too short

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When we watch SportsCenter, the stars on our high-definition screens, more often than not, are young men in their twenties — in some cases thirties, and in rare cases their forties.

Old for an athlete can often be 35 years of age. Quarterbacks may last beyond 40. Kickers, the graybeards of football, for obvious reasons, last longer. Wizened, crafty pitchers sometimes hang around longer than others. Golfers have the best chance to win after their 40th birthday. Read More»

Life always evens out

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Among the many things I have learned in this life is how everything evens out, how those who are mighty and rich can become lowly and poor while the lowly and poor can become mighty and rich.

I have seen many examples of both, which often reminds of the truths taught to me by my parents.

“Don’t get above your raisin’,” they intoned often, meaning simply to stay true to who I was, what I was and from where I came. Read More»

Ask Father Paul

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Answers to your questions about life, religion and the Bible

Pastors get some of the most interesting questions from people they meet and people in their congregations. Here are a few that I have gotten over the years and via email for this column.

Dear Father Paul: I know you preachers think that everyone should go to church. But I don’t go and don’t really intend to start. To me church is boring. Does the Bible say anything about church attendance? — D. L. Read More»

Peachtree City UPDATES Week of Sept. 7, 2010

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Council Workshop – Tuesday, September 7

On Tuesday, September 7, 6:30 p.m., the Mayor & City Council will hold a joint workshop with the Planning Commission at City Hall to discuss proposed amendments to the Official Land Use Map and Zoning Map. This will ultimately lead to Council adopting new Land Use and Zoning Maps for the City. The public is welcome.

Holiday Ornaments Are In! Read More»

What I did this summer

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I have been writing movie reviews for The Citizen for almost five years, and although some may think that reviewing a movie is easy, I can tell you that it’s not. Reviewing a movie means you have to see it, research who the actors, writer(s) and director are and then find a way to express your opinion to the readers in a few paragraphs. As a teenager, this especially becomes hard when big blockbusters like “Avatar” or the highly popular “Transformers” and “Twilight” franchises rear their ugly heads again and again. Read More»

See you on the road

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Prior to a week and a half ago, I had never ridden a motorcycle in my life. Well, that’s not totally true. When I was 15, I took off on a friend’s bike and made it about 30 feet before I crashed. I bear the scar on my right shin to this day.

When my parents, who were adamantly opposed to motorcycles, saw the cut on my leg and inquired as to what happened, I told them that my wall locker at school was stuck and, when I jerked it open, the door hit my leg with such force that it gashed it. They bought it — I think. Read More»

Rules of life

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There are rules of life everyone must learn — the easy way or the hard way. Looking back, I’ve learned most of them the hard way. I’m not proud of that fact, but a fact it still remains. Some of the most important rules of life I learned while residing at 110 Flamingo Street. Read More»

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