Going private in New Jersey

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New Jersey’s new Republican governor, Chris Christie, is creating a commission that will recommend what state government functions could be done better — and cheaper — by the private sector. Read More»

At 90, ‘I’ve been so blessed’

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I visited a woman, old and gray, her journey of life nearing its winter’s end. She settled into an armless rocker and moved gently, slowly back and fro, looking from her view on the porch past the towering magnolia trees that spread the full length of her yard. Read More»

Heinrich's Garden

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Been thinking about our daughter Mary’s apartment. Because war damage essentially leveled the north-central German city of Düsseldorf, the city arose from the rubble in a surfeit of architectural gems. Read More»

Silent no more

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Sarah Northwood is the wife of Father Rob Northwood, who serves as the rector of The Church of Reconciliation (Charismatic Episcopal Church) in Bel Air, Md. She and her husband are the parents of six children. A couple of months ago, Sarah participated in an event in Washington, D.C.

Unlike some events in which clergy wives participate, this event put Sarah in a place where she was exposed, vulnerable, and open to potential ridicule. A woman of courage and commitment, these are her own words: Read More»

Little white duck

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A lone little white duck floated on the water. Small ripples followed close behind as he paddled around the only place he had known as home. The surroundings were familiar to him, and in that familiarity, he drew solace. Read More»

The governing elite versus the rest of us

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The truly revolutionary American idea of government as the servant of the people may be fading away. Many of today’s so-called “civil servants” are a protected, privileged class. While Middle America struggles through a difficult recession, a lot of government employees have lived on the gravy train.

Here are some facts to buttress that assertion: Read More»

Some lessons learned at the PTC Dog Park

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We have had several warm weekends in a row and the attendance numbers at the Peachtree City Dog Park are rocketing upward. The word has gotten out about the best place in metro Atlanta to have fun with the family pet. The user-funded park now has members joining from five different counties.

Before you bring your beloved canine to the dog park, please go to and read the important information about the venue. Read More»

Invest now for our future success

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Georgia Superintendent of Schools

Georgia law requires the legislature to approve a balanced budget, which I believe is very wise. In these difficult economic times, I do not envy the task they have before them.

But, just as we should not saddle the next generation with our debt, we also should not take away the opportunity for our kids to receive an education that prepares them for their 21st century world. Read More»

Dinner table talk

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A few months ago when Poet, the free-lance wanderer that he is, found himself passing through my neck of the South, he called up, then turned up at my front door, then plopped down in my guest room for a few days.

And, of course, he was most welcomed. Not only because we have a deep and abiding friendship but also because whenever Poet is in my midst, a column or two will be awaiting breathlessly to drop into my lap. The friends I cherish the most are always the ones who provide me with entertaining stories, especially ones that I can pass along to you. Read More»

Trust the covenant

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Read Genesis 15:1-12, 17-18.

Yitta Schwartz, aged 93, died a couple weeks ago. She left 15 children, 200 grandchildren, and enough great-grandchildren to number over 2,000. She had actually given birth to 18 children, but two were killed in the Holocaust and one in an accident here in the US.

Mrs. Schwartz was of the ultra-orthodox Chasidic Jewish sect. One of the beliefs of the Jewish people is that your immortality lies with your heirs. Read More»

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