The virtues of American business

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When I was a young adult, I considered myself a fiscal moderate. I believed the conventional wisdom that big businesses were fundamentally corrupt and were given unfair advantages in the marketplace.

Perhaps this was because growing up in the eighties and nineties, the notion of the evils of capitalism were pumped in the culture through movies like “Wall Street” and “The Insider.”

As I have gotten older, and having worked with some of these companies, however, my views of businesses — particularly big businesses — have evolved. Read More»

The time is right for a new Fayette vision

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As an almost 25-year resident of Fayette County, I could not be happier about the current Fayette Visioning Initiative taking place right now.

When my husband took a job in Troup County and we needed to move from Decatur, we searched hard for the best environment to raise our young family. We relocated to Peachtree City because of the excellent schools and as a great place to bring up our children. Many people locate to Fayette County for the same reasons. Read More»

The strand of days

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Here on the cusp of another year, I’ve been thinking.

I’ve been thinking about the strand of days left behind and lying ahead. I’ve been thinking about how hours become seasons and how time, so intricately charted, remains invisible, a mystery measured.

I’ve been thinking about memory and hope and how now becomes then and then becomes now and how someday always seems to be someday.

I’ve been thinking about the burdens and blessings of family and how the burdens can so strangely become blessings, and vice versa. Read More»

Snowbound in Ohio

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I have lived in Georgia since 1959, first in Forest Park for six years and for 46 years in Fayetteville. The 27 years before that were spent in Akron, Ohio, about 50 miles due south of Cleveland.

From November through March, snow was always a factor of daily life in those months. Read More»

Duck Dynasty checklist

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The outrage industry was in high dudgeon just before Christmas over remarks “Duck Dynasty” family patriarch, Phil Robertson, made to GQ magazine about homosexuality. Outrage is the primary ingredient for political fundraising and political power. One must always have an enemy.

Let’s go down the “I Take Offense” checklist and make sure all the boxes were “ticked” before considering a larger point.

— Liberal New York writer goes slumming among the hayseeds in Louisiana and deliberately creates a controversy by asking a Bible-loving Christian to define sin. Check. Read More»

One of the most powerful Christmas lessons

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[Editor’s note: This article first appeared at]

The entire country pauses on Dec. 25, as Christians commemorate the birth of Jesus of Nazareth, known to Christians as God’s Christ and Savior, and known to many as The Prince of Peace. Read More»

Always looking to help

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They all come with some kind of a price and all with a certain amount of disappointment, but still Rodney keeps trying.

He likes to help people. It’s something as deeply born in him as his constantly smiling blue eyes or wit that is quicker than a summer storm that brews when it comes up a cloud. He helps us all, so much so that there is often little time left to help himself. Read More»

New Years, 2014

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My late friend and beloved editor Dave Hamrick summed up a writer’s puzzlement thus paraphrased):
“I can write my heart out with blood, sweat and tears, and dread to come in to work on Wednesday morning. But then I grab some notes and cobble something together long after deadline, just to get it in, and someone will tell me (through tears) that the column packed such a powerful message, it changed her life.” Read More»

New Year brings optimism, challenge, opportunity for growth

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The savvy, creative experts in the advertising industry understand the impact of key words in getting consumers’ attention. Can you guess their favorite word used most often in advertising campaigns? It’s not sale, or clearance. It’s the little word new. Read More»

Decisions and regrets

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I have been told that, when we look back over our lives and the paths we have taken, we do not generally regret the things we have done but the things we have not done. I think, for the most part, that is true.

Some of the decisions I made that I do not regret include:
• Playing football in junior high and in high school.
• Taking up the martial arts at the age of 15.
• Enlisting in the U. S. Marine Corps.
• Returning to college and graduate school.
• Getting married and having children and, eventually, grandchildren.
• Going into the ministry (usually, but there are days ...). Read More»

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