Peachtree City UPDATES - Week of Jan. 3, 2012

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Council agenda, Father-Daughter Valentines Dance registration, poetry contest, Christmas Tree Recycling, Peachtree City Senior Homestead Exemption, new tree removal permit process, and more . . .

Council Meets Thursday Read More»

Welcome to 2012

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As if it could actually happen, I kept expecting the unfinished little stacks of this and that around the house to pack up and go home. Looking Christmas and then New Year’s full in the eye, I’d pass these landmarks in high dudgeon, trying not to see them and promising I’d have them whittled down to five places (from at least 10).

When it didn’t happen, I’d smile and say, “That’s OK. I’ll get it done before New Year’s.” Yeah. Sure I will.

Now I’m saying “before Monday.” What will I say on Monday? Read More»

The lemon tree

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What can I say about another year gone by that hasn’t already been said? I could write about how our 401k’s have now all been turned into 201k’s. Or how every time someone in Europe sneezes, our stock market drops to yet another new yearly low.

Or how because those folks in Washington keep acting like children and can’t agree on how to run things, homes are now worth about half what they were at the beginning of this year.

I could write about all that stuff. But then again, it wouldn’t make for a very happy column, now would it? Read More»

Missing the flight

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“Paging Janice Doogan. Janice Doogan, please report to Gate 4 for boarding.” I didn’t know who Janice Doogan (not her real name) was as I and my wife waited at Gate 4 in St. Louis. Our flight to Atlanta was preceded by a flight to Orlando. Apparently, Janice Doogan was in danger of missing her flight.

Again, the call went out, only this time a countdown began. “Janice Doogan, please report to gate 4. Your flight will close in 15 minutes.” Read More»

Enough Sales tax - vote no on TSPLOST

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The state of Georgia through our General Assembly and governor is asking the voters of all Georgia counties to vote on a transportation 1 percent sales tax in July 2012.

This 1 percent sales tax is in addition to other 1 percent sales taxes counties already have in place. This would be called the TSPLOST TAX (Transportation Special Projects Local Option Sales Tax).

Most counties have a 1 percent ELOST TAX, a 1 percent SPLOST TAX, and a 1 percent LOST TAX. Read More»

Gift from ‘visionary’ PTC leaders: RaceTrac

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Congratulations to the “visionary” leadership of Peachtree City for obtaining a RaceTrac gas station for us. It complements the new ambiance of the west side of the city.

Three years ago, your visionary leadership turned its back on an Avenue type development for the Line Creek land area. The development included a “baby” Kohl’s, planter boxes, brick walkways, strict limits on deliveries, lighting, outdoor activities, and architectural looks. Read More»

North Pole CEO deals with bullies

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He looked over the top of his glasses at the eight who had lined up before him. He spoke softly, but bit off each word.

“You have committed verbal assault. The names you called him were unconscionable. That constitutes bullying. Further, you forced him to sit on the sidelines during your games. I have a zero-tolerance policy with respect to bullying. I have a strict policy of inclusion. You have violated both policies.

“You must learn to judge a person not by appearance, but by abilities.

“You are all suspended from now until the night before Christmas.” Read More»

Best and worst of 2011

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Another year ends Saturday and it is time to reflect on the best and worst events of 2011.
The best of 2011 are:
• Navy Seal Team 6 in the dramatic eradication of Osama Bin Laden.

• Democrats and Republicans worked together in the legislature to save the HOPE Scholarship Program in Georgia.

• The McIntosh High School girls soccer team winning the state championship.

• The exciting seven-game baseball World Series between the St. Louis Cardinals and the Texas Rangers.

• The July 4 parade and fireworks display in Peachtree City. Read More»

A new New Year's Resolution

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Let’s agree: This will be a new year unlike any other in recent time. Let’s each make a vow to do something bold, unexpected and something that will make a fresh imprint on the path of our lives.

Something that will surprise even those who know us best and love us most.

Oh, we all make minor tweaks to our lives each time one chapter — the old year — closes and the new chapter begins. We eat better or less, exercise more, go to church or tighten our budgets. Sometimes, we adhere to these tweaks for a few days or weeks but, occasionally, we stick to them throughout the year. Read More»

Grieving during the holidays

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“There’s a grief that can’t be spoken.
There’s a pain goes on and on.
Empty chairs at empty tables
Now my friends are dead and gone.” — Marius, from the musical “Les Miserables”

“It’s the most wonderful time of the year,” Andy Williams reminds us over tinny speakers in crowded shopping malls. It may be wonderful for the majority, but for those whose fathers, mothers, sisters, brothers or children have died in Iraq and Afghanistan there is a void this Christmas, and Christmases to come, that can never be filled. It is the same in every war. Read More»

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