You can help support our troops — here’s how

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I want to tell you three things about honoring those who serve our country in uniform.

First, Peachtree City’s own Mimi Gentilini has a long record of supporting our deployed troops. I remember a number of years her restaurant staff gathered donations in cash and in kind, and loaded up an SUV to the gills with goodies, to be delivered to a central collection point for flight to young Americans in Iraq and Afghanistan. Read More»

Fayette’s future important to teens

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Last month, I was invited to participate in a focus group made up of high school students from around the county as part of the Fayette Visioning Initiative, a process that is working toward a plan for the future of Fayette County. Following that session, I was asked to write about my experience.

The student session, held at the Fayette County Public Library, was the second of two Fayette Vision meetings in which high school students were asked to participate. Read More»

Income inequality

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Democrats plan to demagogue income inequality and the wealth gap for political gain in this year’s elections. Most of what’s said about income inequality is stupid or, at best, ill-informed. Much to their disgrace, economists focusing on measures of income inequality bring little light to the issue. Let’s look at it. Read More»

Christie, Hillary and Obama

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The first time I saw New Jersey Governor Chris Christie on television, a few years ago, my first reaction was astonishment: “A talking Republican!”

It would scarcely have been more astonishing if there had been a talking giraffe. For reasons unknown, most Republican leaders seem to pay very little attention to articulation — certainly as compared to leading Democrats, who seem to pay little attention to anything else. Read More»

Merging & purging

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For years, I blamed it on those richly royal blue suede high heel pumps. The ones with the ridiculously tall, spiked heel and absurdly pointed toe. I was 22 when I bought them, 36 when I donated them to the Salvation Army.

Those shoes had a history, one that made me smile. I was a young sports reporter on assignment at USA Today in Washington, D.C. I had a terrific blue and black wool suit that Mama had made which matched them perfectly. The first time I wore that outfit, I was covering the Cotton Bowl in Dallas, Texas and wore it to a coaches’ press conference. Read More»

Whatever happened to...?

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This column originally ran in April, 1996.

Not many of today’s Peachtree City residents remember a time when we did not have a real police department. Our earliest policing came from the Sheriff’s Office -- the county supplied a car and support; local businesses paid for a deputy.
Granted, he didn’t have much to do, but people felt good knowing he was out there.

Ralph Jones was mayor and Chip Conner on city council when the city began developing its own department, and by the time Chip became mayor, in 1970, we were well on our way. Read More»

The marijuana hoax and the hard truth

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After Colorado legalized recreational use of marijuana, an article appeared in the Daily Currant, a website. The article got a great deal of traction. Apparently a spoof, the article reported that 37 deaths occurred in one day from people overdosing on marijuana. The whole thing was a hoax. The deaths never occurred. Read More»

The phone call

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The Boy called the other day. He called in the most unusual way. The edginess of his voice caused me great apprehension. It was a mixture of excitement, weariness, and yes, even a little tension.
After over an hour of struggling, The Boy had accomplished something really remarkable. He was proud and wanted his dad to hear the news. I wasn’t the first person he called mind you, just the first to hear the news. No one else was home when he phoned. Read More»

The Perfect 10 for 2014

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Happy New Year, everyone. As I write this we’re just a few days into 2014, and there’s still time to set your goals and aspirations for this coming year. Regardless of whether you have locked your resolutions in stone or not, I have a most excellent suggestion as to how you can live the happiest, healthiest, most wise year possible. Read More»

Economic inequality: Another view

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I write this article, with the permission of the person described in it. It is his hope that those who read it will begin to consider how fragile our democratic republic is.

Not too long ago, my family and I met in the home of a family we were beginning to become fairly close to. While our children played together, we talked, and the conversation turned to politics. Read More»

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