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Sometimes newspaper contributors have several things to say that are worthy of mention but don’t require the space for a full column. February is one of those months and I share a few random and unrelated thoughts with readers. Read More»

Bradshaw’s follies — Predictions for 2014

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Much of the news last year was of ineptness in implementing the Affordable Care Act, chaos in the Middle East, shameful withholding of information about Benghazi, a slowly recovering economy, bickering in Washington, and a surprise announcement that the Atlanta Braves will move to Cobb County. There will be more surprises in 2014.

Prognostication is risky for columnists because readers have the advantage of hindsight and don’t hesitate to remind writers of wrong predictions. I knowingly take the risk and offer 2014 predictions ranging from sports to politics. Read More»

Time for 2013 prognosticator to face the music

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Foretelling is risky business, and this quasi-pundit is learning that he who lives by the crystal ball dies by the crystal ball.

My predictions for 2013 resulted in a mixed bag of hits and misses. It is now time to face the music with readers about the accuracy of my revelations in this column one year ago.

Here are the 2013 predictions and self assigned grades evaluating my effectiveness as a forecaster: Read More»

Some random Thanksgiving thoughts

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The fourth Thursday in November is the day we have historically gathered with family and friends to give thanks for an abundant harvest.

Since fewer families now depend on farming, Thanksgiving has evolved into a series of activities that better suit urban lifestyles. It has become an extended weekend of family gatherings beginning with the traditional Thursday meal followed by four days of watching football and a mad rush into the holiday shopping season.

Thanksgiving is still a traditional time to reflect, and I want to share a few random thoughts of appreciation. I am thankful for: Read More»

Now you will hear from me: Some questions

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Several readers asked why I stopped writing opinion columns on local issues. The reason is that it was not in my financial interest to irritate the Peachtree City mayor and council during the months leading up to the scheduled vote on my application for the city to annex a tract of land adjacent to the Peachtree City limits. The strategy didn’t work and my nice guy routine was a complete flop! Read More»

When the chickens come home to roost in PTC

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Open letter to Peachtree City Manager Jim Pennington

Jim, Jim, Jim ... I feel sorry for you! You must be worried and exasperated because you are expected to allocate a portion of your busy staff’s time to research the pros and cons of permitting back yard hens and chicken coops in Peachtree City.

City Council members could have hired a chicken consultant but they threw it in your lap. Although hen house research is a really “chicken” assignment, I am confident you will scratch up enough relevant information for the council to consider as it deliberates this highly critical issue. Read More»

Bradshaw: My 2013 predictions

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My predictions for 2012 resulted in the mixed bag of “hits” and “misses” featured in my last column. Friends seem to point out the misses more often than they comment on the hits.

Foretelling the future is risky but the reactions to my off-the-wall predictions are as funny as watching the sneezing monkey on the David Letterman show. Here are my 2013 predictions: Read More»

Bradshaw’s predictions: Facing the music

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The beginning of a new year is the time to face the music about the accuracy of my predictions featured in this column one year ago. Here are the 2012 predictions and self-assigned grades evaluating my effectiveness as a forecaster:

• The Atlanta Braves will win the National League pennant and lose to the Los Angeles Angels in the World Series.

Grade: An F is the correct grade because neither team made it to the World Series. Some generous readers will justify a C for effort since the Braves made the wildcard playoff spot and the Angels narrowly missed. Read More»

The best and the worst of 2012

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The year will end soon and it is time to reflect on the best and worst events of 2012. The worst of 2012 are:

• The evil murder of 20 children and six adults last Friday at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Conn.

• The horrible midnight massacre in the movie theater in Aurora, Colo.

• The sad day in January when Arizona Representative Gabrielle Giffords, who received a bullet in the head during an assassination attempt, announced that she would not seek reelection to her seat in Congress. Read More»

Water czars and sewer boys in Fayette County

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Last Friday, the Fayette County Board of Commissioners and the Fayette County Water Committee hosted dedication ceremonies for the newly constructed Lake McIntosh. Quite a few politicians, water czars and sewer boys were in attendance. Local lakes, drinking water, sewer service, storm water fees and other associated costs of clean water have been front page news in Fayette County for several months. Read More»

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