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New Year brings optimism, challenge, opportunity for growth

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The savvy, creative experts in the advertising industry understand the impact of key words in getting consumers’ attention. Can you guess their favorite word used most often in advertising campaigns? It’s not sale, or clearance. It’s the little word new. Read More»

‘Tis the season to show extra generosity

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Did you hear about the secret Santas who are paying off Christmas layaways? Wal-Mart customers in San Leandro, Calif., were called and asked to pick up their layaways after they were paid off by a total stranger.

One customer was Elizabeth Cortez, who owed a balance of $111 when she got the surprise call.

“A good Samaritan just paid for you,” said the Wal-Mart employee.

“I’m like ‘What?’”

The stranger was waiting at the Wal-Mart counter, hoping to meet her. Read More»

Christmas is already upon us, so don’t miss it

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Several years ago, a young boy heard the circus was coming to town. He’d never seen a circus, so he asked his dad if he could go. Reluctantly, the dad told him he didn’t think they could afford to buy a ticket. However, if the young boy could pick up some odd jobs and earn half the cost of admission, the dad would pay the rest.

So he raked leaves, cleaned gutters, cut shrubs and earned his half and was able to buy a ticket for the circus. Read More»

Thankful for turkeys who prompt us to give thanks

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It was Thanksgiving week, and a co-worker gave John a parrot as a Thanksgiving gift. Just what he always wanted. This parrot evidently was previously owned. He had a terrible attitude, was horribly obnoxious, and used a very crude vocabulary. Everything he said was laced with profanity.

John was having company over for Thanksgiving, so he started working on shaping up his parrot’s attitude and cleaning up his speech. He spoke only polite words, played soft music, and tried to show his parrot how to be nice and gentle. Read More»

How did we ever make it without cell phones?

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Seems like everybody has a cell phone, or a smart phone, or a blue tooth. I don’t know how we got along without them. I still think it’s strange when I’m in a store and round the corner and someone is carrying on a conversation ... by themselves. Or at least they appear to be talking to themselves. Read More»

Sense of humor keeps pastors laughing

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During a flight between New York and Chicago the captain announced, “Our number four engine has just been shut off because of mechanical trouble. There is nothing to worry about, however. We can still finish the flight with just three engines. Besides, you will be reassured to know that we have four pastors on board.”

One passenger called the flight attendant and said, “Would you please tell the captain that I would rather have four engines and three pastors on board.” Read More»

Pray for, encourage your pastor, staff

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I have a soft spot in my heart for pastors. I understand their struggles and pressures that cause stress and pain in their lives. The pastors and staff ministers I know are very dedicated people who love their congregation, want to do a great job and desire their churches to make gigantic strides forward. Read More»

‘Back to Church Sunday’ strong reminder of church value

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The response to the recent “Back to Church Sunday” held two weeks ago is still being evaluated, but the concept is solid. For the past five years, at least, “Back to Church Sunday” has given church members an opportunity to reach out to those who have dropped out or who have never given church a try. Read More»

The time I got tossed out of the Methodist Church

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Two years ago, I drove out into the county to visit one of our members recovering from surgery. As I approached her house, I saw blue lights flashing up ahead. A small, red brick church was on the corner, and the front yard was full of people standing around. Read More»

These Southern sayings just bless my heart

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 These Southern sayings just bless my heart

I love the South, especially the way we talk. My first pastorate took me to the Midwest. Some Midwesterners talked funny. They would talk about the “crick” when they were referring to the “creek.” The roof of a house was pronounced rough and the car for some people was the kerr.

No native Midwesterner said “Y’all.” Instead, it was you guys. Down here, we ask for Coke, which might mean any cola, but up there is was pop, or maybe soda, as in “Would you like a pop?”
Read More»

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