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God and Country Service? Yes. And here’s why

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Here at Prince of Peace Lutheran Church in Fayetteville we will have a “God and Country Service” this coming Sunday, June 30, at 10 a.m. (Yes, one service at 10.) The community is invited and encouraged to attend. There will be a uniformed color guard, presentation of the flags and pledge of allegiance, a volley salute (yes, “real,” outside), bagpipe playing Amazing Grace, patriotic hymns, prayers for our nation, and I will deliver a Biblical message affirming the celebration of the rightful and historical partnership between God and our country.
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VBS … Top Ten for this summer, too!

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I’ve written to you before about VBS. I can’t help it. Vacation Bible School is one of my favorite events all year. No, it’s not mentioned in the Bible per se, but what it is, what it gives to children, and what it accomplishes in families is what the message of Jesus and the Bible is all about. Question: will you be sending your children to VBS this summer? I sure hope so.

Most every church in our community will have VBS this summer. Check The Citizen for dates and times that work for you. Read More»

Religion in public life

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On the subject of the importance of religion in America it seems we have the proverbial “good news and bad news.” I read a most interesting article recently that is an adaptation of a speech given by R.R. Reno, editor of “First Things,” a journal of religion in public life. Sit with me in the lecture hall. This is quite shortened and slightly edited. Read More»

Life is good today!

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I recently became a new member in a special club. Everyone already in the club before me has bragged and bragged about how wonderful it is, and I’m finding out that they are, of course, absolutely right. It’s The Grandparents Club, and I’m now “Grandpa Kollmeyer” to my new-born grandson Philip. Amen! Hallelujah! Praise The Lord! Read More»

Only son. Really?

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With the holy season of Lent about half over and just a few weeks until Holy Week and Easter, I have a question for you. Is Jesus God’s only son? Really? And is it “really” all that important to believe this? Why?

The Christian Faith says, “Yes” and “Yes” and here’s “Here’s why.” Read More»

Ash Wednesday: Let’s Google it

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Many of us Christians around the world and right here in our own community will avail ourselves to the rituals of “Ash Wednesday,” next Wednesday, Feb. 13, which is 40 days before Easter, not counting the Sundays. This 40 days is called Lent, which begins with Ash Wednesday and culminates with Holy Week and Easter. Read More»

Who’s number one?

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Who are the most important people in the world?

The answer: Children. Plain and simple. Without question.

No, it’s not about pampering and spoiling them. It’s not about letting them run our lives. It’s not about giving in to them on everything. Instead, it is about recognizing them as the most important recipients of our time, our love, our nurture, our attention, our teaching, our guidance, and our discipline (which means “to teach them,” not to punish them). It is about conveying to them at every age and in every private and public arena our morals and values, and our faith. Read More»

The real Pastor Kollmeyer

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Back when I was newly ordained, one morning I heard a man’s voice call out, “Pastor Kollmeyer.” I did not respond as I should have. Instead, I peered around the room thinking that somehow my dad must have suddenly come into our presence. You see, I certainly had not yet begun to identify myself as “Pastor Kollmeyer” because in my reality “the real Pastor Kollmeyer” was my father, not me. Read More»

Presidents call for thanksgiving to God

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Please let us be clear that the purpose of a Thanksgiving Day in our United States is to give thanks to God for all His blessings. Please do not teach children that it is about the Pilgrims thanking the Native Americans for helping them. That is a very bad history re-write.

The call for this Thanksgiving is nowhere better given than in the proclamations of our two greatest Presidents, whose words come calling to us again this year.
From President George Washington in 1789: Read More»

Let the kids have Halloween

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I’ve said this before. I’ve written it before. But it bears repeating. Please listen again and give this consideration in your life.

I love Jesus. I hate the devil. I am guided by the Bible. I want to stay away from evil. I want what’s best for our children. I will protect them whenever, wherever, and however possible and necessary.

Can I get an Amen to that? (See? You good Baptists are rubbing off on me in lots of appropriate ways.) Read More»