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Florida-born and pulling for BP

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In Pensacola, Fla., where I grew up, where the crystal white sand reflects the mid-day sun to make a glow along the beach you can see from the roadway even when the water is hidden by dunes, where the double-dose of sunlight will force your eyes to mere slits without sunglasses, where as a high school student I often swam to the offshore sand bar to snorkel at low tide, where turquoise is a special water color telling me the winds are onshore and the water calm and snorkel-friendly, where my siblings and 86-year-old mother still live, where I always drive to the beach when I visit family there Read More»

Memorial Day: Remembering serious people

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The approach of Memorial Day reminds me of the utter stupidity emanating from Washington, D.C., and TV news reporters that seem complicit in delivering the party line but rarely think of sobering questions to ask. Read More»

Shared sacrifices?

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Last month in Afghanistan, General Stanley McChrystal caused quite a stir among the troops when he ordered junk food outlets shut down.

Our news media digs about an inch deep to tell us these bits and pieces in sound bites, but as my friend Bill Neal of Hague, Va., reminded me, even those of us who go beyond TV news to read newspapers know very little about what really happens in a war zone; our lives are too far removed. Read More»

PTC employees are not widgets

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I have not met nearly all the people employed by Peachtree City, but those I do know care deeply about their job and wear a bit of pride on their sleeve for their role in a city they believe is special. I believe that, too, and I also believe we are making a double-dip mistake in the public discourse about staff cuts to solve our budget crisis. Read More»

Don’t ask, don’t tell: Best to keep it

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Congressional hearings on the military’s “don’t ask, don’t tell” (DADT) policy will soon be televised and will surely captivate a deeply divided nation. No matter which side of the debate you passionately support, there are subtleties to challenge everyone’s comfort zone.

If you have not served in the military, it might help to consider some of the language from the current law (10 U.S.C. § 654) on the matter:

“... There is no constitutional right to serve in the armed forces ... Read More»

Is our national anthem sacred?

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At a local high school sporting event recently, a few parents were offended that one school’s supporters sang along with the ending of the national anthem and changed the last word to support their team. The offended parents feel that is disrespectful to our troops and want an apology. The identifying details don’t really matter.

Personally, I don’t think that kids changing a word in the national anthem to support their team means any disrespect to anybody, I think they are just playing around in school spirit. Read More»

Peachtree City Girls Softball League honors a soldier

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Kailani Serapion is a 9-year-old softball player, and a fourth-grader this year at Huddleston Elementary. Her softball experience is a good example of what the Peachtree City Girls Softball League strives for, and the dad she misses a lot is a key part of our league.

Kailani’s dad, Guy Serapion, is a teacher. He is also a U.S. Army National Guard Infantry staff sergeant deployed to Afghanistan since last April, working in the city of Gardez where he is engaged as an advisor to the Afghan National Police Force, which also serves as their military. Read More»

Who’s responsible for saving you when disaster strikes?

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For those able to think past the human tragedy in Haiti, there are some reminders of life’s realities. One of those reminders is that when disaster strikes somewhere in the world, our elected representatives in Washington will sell us down the river ... again. Read More»

Some important questions most governments never ask

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Our bloated federal government has been running amok for a long time, under Democrat and Republican administrations alike, creating mountains of debt and intruding into nooks and crannies of our personal lives where they should not tread. The fingers of state, county and city government reach too far into our pocket and our lives as well. Read More»

The lost art of thinking

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My friend Rod Albaugh asked a few days ago why I write columns now and then. Rod said he thought he knew but wanted me to tell him. So I explained.

We live in a modern world that delivers our daily news pre-packaged in feelings, ready for our consumption, but we are rarely required to think.

Human nature’s mental laziness drives us to avoid thinking, and it is so much easier to resort to knee-jerk responses. Read More»

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