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Green energy propaganda

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While the mainstream media was studiously looking the other way so they didn’t have to tell you, something happened last week that affirmed the fundamentals of capitalism. I am referring to the principle that profit motive is the most effective determinant of the proper balance between risk and potential reward.

The much-ignored event was the bankruptcy filing of A123 Systems, maker of specialized batteries for electric cars, a company trumpeted by the Obama administration as the harbinger of the electric automobile industry. Read More»

Voter insight from Big Bird

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Perhaps you heard the Big Bird silliness in the aftermath of the first presidential debate a few weeks ago.

In that debate, Romney said to moderator Jim Lehrer, who for many years hosted the PBS News Hour, “’I’m sorry, Jim, I’m going to stop the subsidy to PBS. I like PBS. I love Big Bird! I actually like you too, but I’m going to stop borrowing money from China to pay for things we don’t need.”

Romney was referring to the $450 million federal subsidy you and I will pay to PBS this year. Read More»

Betraying our troops

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We like to think we treat our troops now far better than U.S. Marine David Crawley was treated in the Vietnam era.

When Crawley came home severely wounded from Vietnam decades ago, he was delivered to Great Lakes Naval Hospital in Minnesota where most of his body was in a cast for months.

When he finally recovered sufficiently to score a weekend pass, he was confident his Marine uniform would help him hitch a ride home. Instead, his uniform attracted insults and thrown bottles and cans from passing cars. Read More»

Please — Don’t vote!

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I know I am not allowed to say things like this. Oh well, if we are to ever revive common sense, we will have to shed the blood of a few sacred cows.

Maybe I am the only one weary of bleeding hearts imploring the masses to vote. “No matter who you vote for,” they say, “it is so important to please-please-please exercise your right to vote.”

Well, no, it isn’t. If you need cajoling, pampering and special care to make sure you don’t go out of your way to register and vote, maybe the country would be better off if you stay home. Read More»

Politics, lies and the great lies

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With a nod to honest officials everywhere, pardon my observation that politicians have been lying since God was a boy. Dissembling, spinning, stretching the truth with hyperbole seems to be part of persuading voters you are more worthy than the next guy.

There’s nothing new with dishonesty in politics, but the current Democratic leadership has turned lying into an art form. Read More»

What should we expect from our elected officials? Sparta has lessons

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With an approaching election and persistent disappointment in elected officials, I have heard various versions of “Let’s kick all of them out of office and elect a fresh batch.” But I think getting rid of the political rot calls for a scalpel, not a blunderbuss.

A friend who has held local elected office recently mentioned his dismay that some Fayette County officials seem compelled to make their work in office about self-aggrandizement, having lost sight of the selfless service that should be their guiding light. Read More»

Mamas, let your daughters play sports

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Steely eyes on opposing sides watched carefully during warm-ups to size up the strength and skill of those they came to engage in the first game on just the third day of school at McIntosh High. Coach Pearce had little time to select players after tryouts and mold them into the synchronized machine they need to be.

When the umpire declared “Play ball!” tension became action, dust flying as the batter dug in feet like a pawing bull, infielders poised for quick moves as the pitcher fired the ball across the plate. Read More»

The story of a gun

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Last week I mentioned one of my guns has a story, a story I have told you in part before. It begins in 1969 Vietnam, and I hope as you read this story you will think not of me but all the others in all of our wars, troops long ago in WWII, today in Afghanistan, what they live through for all of us and how it changes them. Read More»

Can we talk about gun control rationally?

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In the aftermath of the Aurora, Colo., shooting, we’ve seen a herd of eager gun control advocates on TV riding the wave of public concern while the news is fresh, bursting with outrage over assault rifles and arguing for limits on gun sales.

While it is true America is up to its neck in guns, none of the talking heads seemed to remember that Norway’s strict gun control laws didn’t prevent a madman last year from killing 77 and wounding 319 in that country.

Maybe our efforts should be refocused on deranged people, not guns. Read More»

More T-SPLOST games

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I have a few thoughts to add to my column last week on T-SPLOST.

Sunday morning provides a number of TV choices for political updates. One of those is The Georgia Gang, a roundtable discussion of local issues among four regulars, two conservatives and two liberals.

As you might predict, T-SPLOST is an escalating topic on this show as the July 31 vote approaches, and one of the liberals, Jeff Dickerson, is a constant and strong advocate of T-SPLOST. Read More»

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