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America’s tradition of service: Bill Camper

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When you talk with Bill Camper, you will most likely be laughing. You may not notice that his right eye has been blind since 1972, but you will understand why Mimi Gentilini (Mimi’s Good Food) describes Bill as the nicest man in town.

At 83 years old, the highlight of Bill’s life is that Peg, his wife for 62 years and counting, has newfound freedom from dialysis, one of very few her age to receive a kidney transplant and it turned out wildly successful. Read More»

Gun control and the government’s abuse of power

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My objection to the current gun control effort in Washington, D.C., is only half about guns. The other half is about abuse of power. No matter which side of the gun debate you favor, you should be concerned.

Obama is not alone in trampling the Constitution. He is joined by Congress and former Republican and Democrat administrations alike, but this president has pushed hard on the abuse of power envelope. He has crossed the line a number of times and just this past week two judges advanced court cases against President Obama’s overreach. Read More»

A national inheritance squandered

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American exceptionalism.

That phrase means to me the extraordinary, delicately balanced system our founders labored to establish and pass on to us to govern ourselves, a radical concept at the time. Our inheritance was a priceless gift, one that called for every generation’s full devotion to nurture and defend.

I used the past tense because we have squandered that inheritance. Read More»

Gun control: Ignorance & deception

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The children are buried, the hoards of reporters and camera crews have moved on to the next story, but Newtown, Conn., will never be the same. The anguish of families that lost a child may subside but will never go away.

How can we make sure mass school murders never happen again? The adult answer is — we can’t.

Since Cain slew Abel in a fit of jealousy, people have been killing each other with sticks, rocks, blades, poisons, bombs, guns and a hundred other tools of choice. New laws won’t stop it. Read More»

The gift of service

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In this season of gifts, there is one steadily given throughout the year, little noticed except by families in mourning. Bo Hill, Bill Camper, Al Hogg, Joe Bowler and Stony Lohr, all members of Peachtree City Veterans of Foreign Wars Post 9949, provide honor guard service at local funerals for veterans. Read More»

Yes to College and Career Academy

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I admit to initial skepticism when Kim Learnard invited me months ago to join the group she was assembling to consider the creation of a College and Career Academy (CCA) in Fayette County. After all, I’m a glass-half-empty kind of guy, and I guess Kim realized that because she said my critical view was what she wanted.

So I participated with this premise: Show me what such a special school, designed to be part of the high school system, brings to the table that our high schools cannot? Along the way, this old dog learned a couple of new tricks. Read More»

Tipping point in the rearview mirror

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As America has been hurling itself toward fiscal Armageddon in recent years, pundits have described the economic tipping point we will reach some day in the future, a point of economic calamity from which our country cannot recover.

Optimists have said with patriotic fervor that America is so resilient that it will rebound from the debilitating effects of liberalism and the welfare state, we will come back as the economic and military superpower of the world.

Both are wrong. Read More»

American heroes, American cowards

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“All of them.”

That was the answer to a question we posed to each other over coffee at Mimi’s last week.

The question was, “How many of the Americans you know who have ever worn a military uniform would have volunteered to go into harm’s way to help our diplomats under attack in Benghazi?”

All of them.

All of the old fart veterans like me, and we think all who wear the uniform now, would rush to help, whatever the obstacles, whatever the consequences. Protecting American non-combatants from foreign aggression is our military’s highest duty. Read More»

Green energy propaganda

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While the mainstream media was studiously looking the other way so they didn’t have to tell you, something happened last week that affirmed the fundamentals of capitalism. I am referring to the principle that profit motive is the most effective determinant of the proper balance between risk and potential reward.

The much-ignored event was the bankruptcy filing of A123 Systems, maker of specialized batteries for electric cars, a company trumpeted by the Obama administration as the harbinger of the electric automobile industry. Read More»

Voter insight from Big Bird

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Perhaps you heard the Big Bird silliness in the aftermath of the first presidential debate a few weeks ago.

In that debate, Romney said to moderator Jim Lehrer, who for many years hosted the PBS News Hour, “’I’m sorry, Jim, I’m going to stop the subsidy to PBS. I like PBS. I love Big Bird! I actually like you too, but I’m going to stop borrowing money from China to pay for things we don’t need.”

Romney was referring to the $450 million federal subsidy you and I will pay to PBS this year. Read More»

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