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Veterans Day and the itch

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Monday was Veterans Day. By temperament I am not well suited to anything ceremonial so I usually avoid parades and formalities, but I did attend the Saturday events at the Commemorative Air Force: Dixie Wing at Falcon Field. It was nicely done.

I was reminded of something by the speakers, Maj. Gen. George Harrison, USAF, Ret., my buddy and fellow Vietnam helicopter pilot Lt. Col. Cliff Stern, U.S. Army, Ret., and Maj. Gen. Robert B. Patterson, USAF, Ret. Here’s some background. Read More»

The Obamacare debacle ...

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... has little to do with website rollout problems, never mind the hysteria that spread among TV talking heads. Sure, it’s easy to throw rocks at the flawed rollout, but it just isn’t what matters about Obamacare.

I’ll tell you what I think but I warn you this may not be an easy read.

New systems have had bumpy starts since before Democrats discovered entitlements, and we all know the hiccups and crashes of a new system. We also know websites, databases and complex systems can be fixed, or at worst can be scrapped and replaced. Read More»

Shutdown: Juvenile self-indulgence

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Some of you blame Republicans for the federal government partial shutdown, some of you blame the Democrats and the President’s refusal to negotiate.

Personally, as a registered Republican, I think the Republican party is superior to Democrats but not by much any more, and that the whole of them taken together have, over the last 50 years, betrayed America and the Constitution. But don’t get me started!

If you listen to the President’s whining speeches, which I no longer can abide for more than a moment, he will tell you the government shutdown is unprecedented, but that is a lie. Read More»

America’s tradition of service: PTC’s Fred Smith

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The neighbors of Fred Smith on Heartwood Court in Peachtree City probably know him as the soft-spoken, always-smiling man who retired a long time ago.

But if they visited him in his home office, they would see photos on his memory wall reminding that he is Colonel Fred Smith (U.S. Air Force retired), a fighter-bomber pilot who had the right stuff when his country needed him in an unpopular shooting war. Read More»

Hijacking an American icon

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I am a white man with no civil rights credentials, but that won’t stop me from commenting on Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. 50 years ago.

My dad was a Navy man, his last duty station at the Pensacola, Fla., Naval Air Station where he retired and where I grew up. In downtown Pensacola the Walgreens “5 and 10 cent store” had a lunch counter where a “whites only” sign wasn’t needed because it was understood, but the Sears store had drinking fountains with signs “White” and “Colored.” Every time I saw them I knew they were wrong, but I was just a kid. Read More»

America’s tradition of service: Mike King

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The Silver Star is our country’s third highest military decoration for valor, exceeded only by the Distinguished Service Cross and Medal of Honor. If you ask my buddy Mike King how he earned the Silver Star, or if you ask about the personal cost involved, he may stare at you, but he won’t tell you and there is nothing you can say to convince him you deserve to know.
Read More»

Breakfast at Mimi’s, one year later

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 In a conversation recently about the prospective Pinewood Studios complex in Fayette County, someone asked if I thought movie industry people relocating here from the West Coast would take to a place like Mimi’s.

Well, I don’t know that many would search out a place for breakfast and lunch at Dividend and Kelly Drive unless they were looking at homes in Planterra Ridge, but yes, I do think they would like Mimi’s.
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District voting: The big lie about Fayette

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On last Sunday’s edition of TV political talk show “The Georgia Gang,” when the agenda turned to the recent U.S. Supreme Court decision on the Voting Rights Act, black activist Jeff Dickerson was ready and eager. Read More»

One more time for Mr. Lincoln and history

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Mr. Parker didn’t get the point of my column about Memorial Day and Abraham Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address two weeks ago, so I’ll repeat the point here in fewer words: If you want to know the truth, you often must probe well below the surface veneer of popular history. Read More»

Seeing the past through fuzzy lens of history

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During the week before Memorial Day, radio host Herman Cain read to his audience an excerpt of what he described as the finest Memorial Day speech in American history even though it was given on Nov. 19, at Gettysburg, Penn., in 1863, four months after the bloodiest battle ever fought on American soil. Read More»

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