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Despite little support from school board, Science Olympians excel

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We all know the United States is in nonstop competition with other countries around the world. China and India, in particular, have made tremendous gains in their number of scientists and engineers.

It is extremely difficult to find any kind of report or study on education in our country that does not stress the need to make drastic improvements in science and technology education. Read More»

It’s your money: demand some accountability

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Let’s talk about your money. First of all, there is no such thing as “government revenue.” That is your money. Second, there is no such thing as “government debt.” You are paying the debt, not the government.

The revenue and the debts resulting from government actions belong to the citizens. Your elected representatives can get you in a whole lot of trouble, but the buck stops at your home address. Our performance in the voting booth or our apathy is the source of our communal money problems. Read More»

Local churches resurrect cooperative community service activities

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Back in 2004, we began a city program in Peachtree City called “Community Action Day.” The notion of using the city as a conduit, connecting churches, civic groups and private businesses, to aid residents in need proved to work incredibly well ( Read More»

The debt storm threatens America’s future

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Someone hands you a photo of a horrific car crash, broken glass everywhere, steel frames in twisted little balls. The person then tells you this is your car several years down the road and your entire family was in it. Studying the picture more intently, you realize it is your car right down to the bumper stickers and the license plate. Read More»

Inside school system promotion would be bad for taxpayers

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I wish we had a sunscreen to prevent the harmful actions of government from burning us.

At a recent public meeting, a local citizen actually stated she thought the Fayette County Board of Education (FCBOE) had done a wonderful job with the school system’s finances. Her remarks were part of a scheme to cozen the public into accepting the concept of promoting a current administration insider to the post of school superintendent. I was truly amazed that anyone could make such a pronouncement with a straight face. Read More»

Some lessons learned at the PTC Dog Park

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We have had several warm weekends in a row and the attendance numbers at the Peachtree City Dog Park are rocketing upward. The word has gotten out about the best place in metro Atlanta to have fun with the family pet. The user-funded park now has members joining from five different counties.

Before you bring your beloved canine to the dog park, please go to and read the important information about the venue. Read More»

Chairman Jack Smith & mass transit plans

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Three members of our Fayette County Board of Commissioners are up for re-election this November: Jack Smith, Eric Maxwell and Lee Hearn.

We all know about their “build the West Fayetteville Bypass at any cost” stance. We know about their intentions to close the interchange at Ga. Highway 74 and I-85 in favor of a new interchange at Ga. Highway 92 and I-85, a way to justify building the sham of a bypass, leaving Tyrone, Peachtree City and Brooks commuters in a lurch. Read More»

The failures of the school board

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With a sense of literary tragedy, the exit of John DeCotis, Ph.D., coincided with a bitter cold front, snow and the closing of our schools, an image ripe with symbolism.

I cannot consider John DeCotis a tragic hero as most in that genre fall from their own hubris. There is not an ounce of pride or presumption in DeCotis’ body. The man is a dedicated public servant.

The DeCotis as superintendent era, 1999 to 2010, carries the heavy burden of a school system brimming with promise and achievement, but sinking under the weight of unfortunate choices. Read More»

Times are tough — governments need to check their priorities

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When times get tough, you had better check your priorities.

When you view our economic crisis through the prism of what is truly important to our country, a lot of things can be thrown out while we should be truly fighting for others to remain.

The recent elections across the country are really about lost priorities. The senatorial race in Massachusetts was a resounding call for a federal realignment of priorities on a number of issues. Read More»

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