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Celebrating the Marine Corps

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I attended my first Marine Corps Ball in 1971. I was newly married, had an argument with my wife at the ball, and stalked over to the bar and swigged, from the bottle, a healthy swallow of Old Crow. As my eyes bugged out and my breath left me, the barkeep said, “Betcha don’t do that again.” He was right. Never drink in anger. Read More»

Gang warfare in Congress

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Throughout the nation’s history, gangs fighting over territory, income sources, pride, or whatever, have unleashed blood and fear on an innocent public.

From the St. Valentine’s Massacre of the early 20th century, to the Bloods and Crips conflicts of out West, to the motorcycle clubs who war against each other, innocent people are often caught in the crossfire and pay the price for the gangs’ activities.

In places where such mayhem occurs, decent people wring their hands and wonder why somebody doesn’t do something. Read More»

Pastor Appreciation Month

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The month of October is “Pastor Appreciation Month.” I have no idea where the concept originated, and I haven’t thought about it in a long time.

I remember back in the day, when I served as a pastor in another denomination, the person overseeing the churches in my state sent notice that I was to submit the names, addresses, and phone numbers of church board members to his office. I thought it was a bit odd but, as always, I complied. Read More»

a.k.a. “Youngblood”

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I met Rodney Bradberry about a year ago when he began to look into the Iron Order MC, the largest law-abiding MC in the world. A new chapter, the Iron Fist Chapter, had been formed in Newnan a year earlier, a chapter with which I and two of my sons are affiliated, and Rodney was interested. The first thing one noticed about Rodney was his ever-present smile.

He began what is called the hang-around phase in which there are no dues, no expectations, and no responsibilities. Read More»

T levels

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I was minding my own business the other night and reading a book. My wife was doing the same — or so I thought. She looked up and said, “Honey, guess what I just read?”

“What?” I replied.

“It says here that men who are 60 have the same testosterone level as a 9-year-old boy.” And then she smiled.

I am 62. Now why would she tell me that? And then why would she crack a deliberately wicked grin? Read More»

The best is west

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What do Vanderbilt University, Georgia Tech, Emory University, the University of Georgia, and the University of West Georgia all have in common?

All were named, along with other schools, as one of the “Best Colleges in the Southeast” by The Princeton Review’s “2014 Best Colleges; Region by Region.”

The Princeton Review endorsed only 642 colleges and universities nation-wide. Over 75 percent of the nation’s institutions of higher learning were excluded from the list. Read More»

Three years on two wheels

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It’s been three years since I fulfilled one of the items on my “bucket list.” I had always wanted to learn to ride a motorcycle.

My parents were opposed to it when I was young, and, after I left home and got married, the money was too tight to think about it.

So, at the age of 59, having never ridden a motorcycle, I signed up for the rider’s course at Great South Harley-Davidson and, at the end of the course, had my motorcycle license. Read More»

Surviving and thriving

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Against all odds, there it stood. It was unbowed, unbroken, and unblemished. How in the world it survived is beyond me. After all, I had spared no effort or expense in trying to kill it.

Several years ago, I decided that the area around my mailbox needed something. So, I ringed the areas with stones, bought potting soil, and planted vincas.

The vinca flower, an annual, is a tough plant and thrives in sunny, dry areas. I deemed it the perfect flower to plant around the mailbox since the sun is on the area all day long and it is too far from the house to water frequently. Read More»

When it rains, it pours

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As I type these words, it is raining. Again.

It has been raining all week. In fact it has been raining all summer.

We have a pool and, during the summers, I regularly have to add water due to loss by evaporation and frequent cannon balls. This summer I have regularly drained water off.

A couple of weeks ago, I took a few days vacation. On the first day, when I was headed to my destination — on my motorcycle — it did not rain. When I returned six days later, it rained around me but not on me. On the days in between, it rained every day. Mostly, I saw the inside of a hotel room. Read More»

A winning ticket

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“Well, it’s a winner!” the clerk at the store said.

While in Tennessee recently, I bought a few lottery tickets. I don’t usually buy lottery tickets but, hey, the jackpot was some $450 million!

I figured that, if the government took half, that would still leave me with $225 million bucks. The tithe would be either $45 million or $22 million and some change, depending on how one figures it, which would still leave me with enough to be annoyed by people for the rest of my life. Read More»