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Fayette County is at a crossroads

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During the recession, something huge happened in Fayette County, the impact of which has not truly been felt: The “Developer of Peachtree City,” Pathway Communities, closed up shop.

Whether you agree with the choices that were made or not by them when they were developing, the entity was constantly impacting the community with the addition of residential, commercial and industrial space.

During the development of the city, Pathway and its predecessors developed the largest industrial park on the south side of Atlanta, the 2,200-acre Peachtree City Industrial Village.
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The visioning initiative: What’s in Fayette County?

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By Matt Forshee and Virginia Gibbs

If you were hosting visitors to our county on a comprehensive, seven-hour driving tour across Fayette County, where would you go and what would you see? What successes, challenges and opportunities would you point out?

That’s exactly what we were challenged to do last week, providing a familiarization tour of Fayette County to two of our community visioning partners at Market Street Services. Read More»

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