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Our vision: Improving the place where we live

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Today we wrap up our four-week series highlighting some of the compelling goals and key actions offered in the vision plan adopted by the Fayette Visioning Initiative Steering Committee in June.

The adoption of the vision statement and plan marks the end of phase two of the seven-month visioning process begun in December and reflects considerable public input and perspective. Read More»

A vision for our Fayette community

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In conjunction with the vision plan adopted by the Fayette Visioning Initiative Steering Committee in early June, we continue to highlight the plan’s goals and objectives. Reflecting the considerable citizen input received throughout the process, the plan builds a framework for best practices and strategic collaborations within the county. The goal is to elevate Fayette County to become an unrivaled community. Read More»

Play your part in next step for Fayette Visioning

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Citizens are invited to learn and take part in the next steps for Fayette’s plan for the future on Tuesday, July 15 at 5:30 p.m. at Dolce Atlanta-Peachtree.

As announced last week, the Fayette Visioning Initiative Steering Committee recently adopted a vision statement and plan that outlines specific goals, objectives and tactics for Fayette County that elevates education, economic development, employment opportunities and quality of life to unrivaled heights. Read More»

Fayette Visioning Initiative adopts vision statement

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The Fayette Visioning Initiative Steering Committee at its June 10 meeting adopted the vision statement that they developed along with focus group and online participants and other citizens over the past nine months.

The committee then presented a project update to elected officials from all five municipalities, unincorporated Fayette County and the Fayette County Board of Education. Read More»

What is your role in the Fayette Visioning Initiative?

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While the Fayette Visioning Initiative’s steering committee is hard at work incorporating citizen ideas into a final draft vision statement, it’s the perfect time to look at the respective roles of this 40-member steering committee and Fayette County citizens at large.

The steering committee certainly doesn’t have a corner on the market for good ideas — that’s a responsibility shared among all of us in the county. Read More»

Storylines emerge in Fayette Vision

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By Bob Ross and Trey Ragsdale

We’d like to personally thank the approximately 160 Fayette citizens who attended the March 5, 2014 Fayette Visioning public meeting at Sandy Creek High School.

Though the Competitive Assessment report was released to the public earlier in the year, this meeting marked the first time the public heard directly from our consulting partner Market Street Services, Inc. about the visioning process stages and the research showing Fayette County’s current economic, demographic and physical characteristics. Read More»

Answering some Fayette Visioning FAQs

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Bob Ross and Trey Ragsdale

As the visioning process continues to move forward, new phases bring new interest regarding where we are in the process, how citizens can engage, and what results have emerged so far. We’d like to take this opportunity to answer some of those questions here.

Where are we in the visioning process? Read More»

Fayette Visioning initiative gains momentum

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By Bob Ross and Trey Ragsdale

Even though Thanksgiving was last month, we are especially thankful this month for the efforts of more than 225 diverse citizens who stepped up to serve Fayette County in a unique capacity.

They participated in a variety of activities to launch a process that will span the next six months to define a Fayette County vision and accompanying implementation plan. Read More»

Visioning initiative visits Newton County

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By Trey Ragsdale and Robert Ross

“Planning for the future ... Growth will happen whether we are prepared or not; we decide our future; we believe in collaboration; we understand greatness takes time and we want future generations to benefit.”

Sounds good doesn’t it? That statement comes from Newton County, a metro Atlanta community that is actively planning for their future growth. Read More»

Fayette County Visioning process is underway

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By Robert Ross and Trey Ragsdale

The diverse members of the Steering Committee for the Fayette County visioning process were busy last week preparing information requests from our partner, Market Street Services.

As Market Street begins the next steps in their analysis, they will begin to conduct extensive research on a range of geographical, community and economic factors. The group will present their findings at a Community Leadership meeting on Dec. 9, 2013. Read More»

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