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We need more than a moment of silence

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For weeks there has been a weight I have felt regarding our school systems and a fear of what I see taking place in our community.

With the pending decision regarding school closures and our $15-20 million deficit, I don’t think our county has ever faced such a drastic financial and social challenge as this one.

Groups of citizens are threatening and pleading for their schools, which they presume are on the “chopping block.”

Subdivisions are fighting to protect their district borders and keep out others. Read More»

‘I take full responsibility’ — Really?

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“I take full responsibility ... .”

This is a phrase that I feel like I have been hearing more and more in public life, but it seems to ring hollow the more times I hear it. Here is why.

I hear this phrase typically when someone is caught doing something wrong, or making a bad decision and there is almost irrefutable evidence for them to deny it. So rather than having the sordid details leak out over a period of time, a public statement is made saying that they, “accept full responsibility. ...” Read More»

A case for an unborn person

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About 15 years ago I taught an introductory psychology course at The King’s College. I will never forget a discussion I facilitated with the students during a session on Developmental Psychology.

When talking about the developmental stages of humans, I thought it would be interesting to explore the question of when human life begins, and what was the distinction between human life and personhood. Read More»

Remembering the legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

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On occasion, I have heard well-intentioned people say they believe the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. would have wanted the world to be color-blind.

While I can appreciate the sentiment, I tend to disagree with it. Rather than being blind to our differences we can learn to appreciate our God-given diversity.

The trick is not to judge and evaluate individuals because of their race. In the words of Dr. King, we want to be judged, “not by the color of our skin, but the content of our character.” Read More»

Big profits by businesses vs. government waste

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I have attempted to write this article five times, and I suppose what makes it difficult is when one begins to talk about things like the federal government’s “fiscal cliff,” taxes, or the proper role of government. The discussion can become so multi-faceted that it becomes unwieldy. So, I won’t go there.

Instead, I am challenged to think about the whole notion of revenue both from the private sector and federal government perspective. Read More»

Mistakes to avoid during Christmas

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Someone once said that mothers set the tone of the home. I imagine this is particularly true during the holidays. And it is also true at my house.

Long before the lights started going up, or the sales began to be advertised for the season, I thought to myself, “I need to focus on the true meaning of Christmas.” How I wish I could say I stuck to that intention.

Unfortunately, like most mothers, I got caught up in trying to make Christmas truly special for our family, and in the process I lost sight of what was truly important. Read More»

Questions of faith in light of tragedy

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All weekend I have found myself holding my children more tightly, looking into their eyes more deeply, and simply asking God to help me soak in the moments I have with them more intentionally.

I suspect millions of parents had the same emotional reaction to the news of the tragic massacre at Sandy Hook Elementary in Newtown, Conn., this past Friday. Read More»

Can our culture today produce a real hero?

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With the holidays approaching I notice that more movies are being released, probably to account for the many people who like to watch films with their families.

I like action and adventure tales myself. However, increasingly I find it difficult to watch movies because the heroes don’t make sense to me.

Typically, you find the person is given a special power or talent and then they are thrown into some fantastic situation, and are expected to save others. Read More»

Will demographics challenge our neighborliness?

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When we first moved to Fayette County and particularly our subdivision, we fell in love with the open space, large lot sizes, mature trees, and the uniqueness of every home.

But over the years I’m finding that the best thing about our neighborhood is our neighbors.

This past week I had the wonderful opportunity to go out to lunch with a group of ladies from my subdivision. To my embarrassment, despite having lived there for over five years, I only knew a couple of them. Read More»

What I am truly thankful for

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Thanksgiving has to be one of my favorite holidays. I love the beauty of the season, including how the leaves change to such radiant colors.

I love the rich foods — comfort foods — that we give ourselves permission to eat.

I love the slight chill in the air that allows you to snuggle under warm blankets.

But most of all I love the sentiment of the holiday, reflecting on what we are grateful for. I love this American tradition!

This year I had the opportunity to volunteer in my son’s second grade class to read a lesson about the first Thanksgiving. Read More»

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