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Democrats’ goal: Redistributing wealth

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By Ronald E. Bachman

It turns out that “Joe the Plumber” gave us the real insight to the ultimate goals of the Obama presidency and the current Congress: redistribution of wealth.

Centralized government power, federal control and redistribution of wealth seem to be behind many of the proposed “reforms.” This includes more than $1 trillion in redistributed wealth in the guise of health reform. Read More»

Merry Christmas, 2009, ‘to all people’

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Americans have celebrated 232 Christmases since we declared our independence from Great Britain, 219 since our federal government was implemented under the new Constitution.

As a nation, we have celebrated in war and in peace, during times of prosperity and during times of great need, in years of hope and in years of despair. The nation has endured, and so has Christmas.

If the official celebration of the birth of the Christ Child did not begin until 300 years later, there was an original celebration, and they got it right. Read More»

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