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For half of America, bigger government sounds good

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By Rob Schwarzwalder and Cathy Ruse, J.D.

Among the reactions to the Nov. 6 elections, the most common among conservatives might be shock. That very fact might indicate that too many of us have been living in an echo chamber, reassuring each other about our mutually-held convictions without listening to those who are, at best, ambivalent about conservatism. Read More»

What does it mean to say, ‘I am a conservative’?

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At a time when some candidates are vying aggressively for the title of “most conservative,” it might be worthwhile considering exactly what that term means.

Conservatism, it has been said, is not an ideology but a way of viewing the world. This is partially true: conservatives seek to impose no utopian vision upon an imperfectable humanity. Read More»