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Busting myths about CCA

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The concept of a public school system partnering with local industries is still new to many of us. The very idea of changing the 100-year-old institution of public education is sure to evolve slowly.

But the Fayette community continues our learning process to better understand what a college and career academy (CCA) could provide Fayette students and the community.

Presenting ... “myth-busters.” Let’s clear up some of the misunderstandings about a CCA.

Myth #1 — A college and career academy involves building another high school. Read More»

Intro to College and Career Academy

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A year ago, Fayette business, political, and educational leaders met for what we thought would be a singular discussion of local employment issues. The conversation surprised many of us, as we quickly learned that hundreds of technical jobs are available right here in Fayette County.

CEOs and human resource directors from multiple companies in dozens of industries said they would like to expand their operations in Fayette County. All they lack is the needed trained and ready workforce. Read More»

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