F’ville arrests 2 in botched Christmas Eve burglary

Fayetteville Police arrested two men on Christmas Eve for the attempted burglary of the Radio Shack store at the Fayette Pavilion. One of the men had been sought for the Dec. 18 burglary of the Sprint store at the Uptown Shopping Center on North Glynn Street.

Reginald Jerome Kirkland, 25, of Atlanta, and Tarrence Jabbar Monroe, 25, of College Park, were charged with the attempted burglary of the Radio Shack store, according to Det. Mike Whitlow.

“At approximately 4 a.m. a Fayetteville police officer on patrol, observed the men in front of the Radio Shack store. The men entered a silver GMC Envoy and fled but were stopped by the officer a short distance away. Additional officers responding to the scene found two bricks in front of the store which would have been used to break the window to provide entry into the store,” Whitlow said. “This burglary was prevented by a very alert patrol officer who did a great job in apprehending these suspects.”

Whitlow said investigators already had an arrest warrant for Kirkland stemming from his involvement in the Dec. 18 burglary of the Sprint Store at the Uptown Shopping Center.

That incident occurred at approximately 2:49 a.m. when two subjects entered the store after throwing a rock through the front door. Whitlow said four cell phones were stolen from the display, adding that detectives were able to obtain evidence at the scene.

Whitlow said there was also additional evidence, including witness testimony from an alert Fayette County Sheriff’s deputy who observed the suspects’ vehicle when he was on his way to an emergency call.

Fayetteville detectives are still investigating both cases and are trying to identify the second suspect involved in the Dec. 18 burglary. Anyone with information is encouraged to call Det. Mike Whitlow at 770-719-4222.

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Oh, no, no...

...they ONLY did this (and the multiple previous incidents) because we didn't provide them with an education and a job!!! WE are to blame for failing them!!

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Reginald and Tarrence are from Atlanta and College Park. I'm shocked!!!!

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They 'splained to them officers

that they wanted to finditinfayette, they wuz jus a lil confoozed.

Joe Kawfi
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Habitual offender charged with murdering state trooper

19 arrests in 11 years. Let's hope the Atlanta Police Department provides this indiviual with their own brand of 'justice' while this coward rots behind bars.

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