PTC OK’s $707K bid for fire station renovation

Peachtree City will be moving ahead with plans to renovate its northernmost fire station.

A $707,000 bid from Triad Construction to upgrade the Satterthwaite fire station was approved unanimously by the city council at a special meeting Monday morning.

The expansion will add more space for the additional personnel that have been located at the firestation. It also will correct an issue with the driveway and connect the station to the city’s sewer system, along with the Crabapple Lane Elementary School directly across the road.

The bid from Triad was the lowest of eight bids received, with the highest bid being $884,000.

City Engineer David Borkowski noted that Triad Construction did a good job on the recently-completed police station for the city of Senoia.

The renovations will be covered by long-term financing through the city’s Bricks and Mortar loan fund over a period of 15 years. The project came in under budget and the rest of the money is tabbed for a contingency fund for the project, officials said.

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