Fayette County law enforcement arrest reports — Dec. 11—17

The following arrests were reported by local law enforcement agencies for the week listed. All persons are considered innocent until proven guilty. Rather than the age of those arrested, only the year of birth will be indicated below due to law enforcement procedural changes.

Tuesday, Dec. 11 - Monday, Dec. 17

Fayette County Sheriff’s Office

Brian L. Cook, born in 1965, of Esplanade Circle, Atlanta, for bench warrant.

Stanley D. Foster, born in 1976, of Calhoun Street, Macon, for probation/parole violation.

Jevin M. Robertson, born in 1995, of Forrest Avenue, Fayetteville, for bench warrant.

Kristin H. Summerville, born in 1973, of Burdett Road, Atlanta, for shoplifting.

Tara S. Washington, born in 1977, of Carter Drive, Jonesboro, for bench warrant.

Yolonda C. Agee, born in 1969, of Beau Point Court, Snellville, for probation/parole violation.

Tavaris A. Despinosse, born in 199899, of Tomahawk Place, Austell, for state RICO violation.

Curtis K. Foye, born in 1990, of Misty Meadows Lane, Hampton, for failure to maintain lane, DUI alcohol and driving without headlights on.

Jay L. Ivory, born in 1964, of Washington Street, Atlanta, for abandonment of spouse or child.

Alan S. Kim, born in 19994, of Gulfview Drive, Peachtree City, for shoplifting.

Nathan D. Bates, born in 1994, of Bramlet Court, Senoia, for less than an ounce of marijuana.

Rayford A. Caldwell, born in 1963, of Vintage Lane, Fayetteville, for probation/parole violation.

Marlon M. Lanier, born in 1984, of Morning Dove Place, Jonesboro, for wanted person.

Robert M. Maguire, born in 1992, of Highgrove Drive, Fayetteville, for less than an ounce of marijuana.

Joy Matthews, born in 1979, of Brookcrest Circle, Decatur, for reckless conduct.

Dennis Moreno, born in 1985, of West Lane, Fayetteville, for battery, false imprisonment and cruelty to children.

Sarah A. Newton, born in 1956, of Drake Elm Court, Hampton, for theft by deception (18 counts).

Stephanie L. Paige, born in 1966, of Sand Bay Drive, Atlanta, for probation/parole violation.

William R. Paul, Jr., born in 1980, of Wakefield Place, Fayetteville, for probation/parole violation.

Deleta L. Powell, born in 1974, of Belk Road, Newnan, for probation/parole violation.

Grady A. Brantley, Jr., born in 1965, of Garden Walk Boulevard, College Park, for probation/parole violation.

Micheal B. BRooks, born in 1980, of Lees Lake Road, Fayetteville, for giving false name, theft by taking and probation/parole violation.

Cornelius H. Brown, born in 1983, of Malone Circle, Fairburn, for financial identity fraud.

Sherry B. Etheridge, born in 1972, of Amber Court, Fayetteville, for DUI alcohol and fleeing or attempting to elude.

Terryne S. Harris, born in 1994, of Creekview Trail, Fayetteville, for aggravated child molestation.

Dereck B. Jackson, born in 1987, of Pointview Drive, East Point, for seatbelt violation, obstruction and less than an ounce of marijuana.

Cecil P. James, born in 1971, of Triger Lane, Fairburn, for financial identity fraud.

Rene C. Kelley, born in 1975,of Cherokee Valley Drive, Lithonia, for motor vehicle chop shop (2), theft by receiving stolen property (2) and first degree forgery (2) and second degree forgery.

Marlon M. Lanier, born in 1984, of Morning Dove Place, Jonesboro, for wanted person.

Khamron M. Pitts, born in 19995, of Woodbyne Drive, Fayetteville, for driving without valid license.

Cynthia M. Quamme, born in 1962, of Long Leaf, Peachtree City, for less than an ounce of marijuana.

Gabriel R. Ramirez, born in 1978, of Whiefield Drive, Riverdale, for driving without valid license.

Antonio E. Salazar, born in 1990, of Morrow Road, Forest Park, for driving without valid license and improper turn/sign required.

Brian E. Swords, born in 1980, of Buffalo Road, Peachtree City, for battery.

Terrance D. Watson, born in 1968, of Blue Heron Way, Hampton, for DUI alcohol and failure to maintain lane.

Rodrequs M. Wells, born in 1987, of no address, Riverdale, for revoked or suspended license and giving false name.

Cameron D. White, born in 1991, of Riverdale Road, College Park, for financial identity fraud.

Earl M. Jones, born in 1968, of Shady Ridge Lane, Austell, for probation/parole violation.

Miguel Lopez, born in 1967, of Rolling Mist Court, Flowery Branch, for deposit account fraud.

Chris A. Martin, born in 1971, of Lakeview Way, Jonesboro, for probation/parole violation.

Janet W. Price, born in 1961, homeless, for wanted person.

Courtney D. Vargas, born in 1985, of Larry Drive, Fairburn, for probation/parole violation.

Daniel L. Wenzel, born in 19993, of Fireside Way, Fairburn, for incest.

Fayetteville Police

Dumatra M. McDaniel, born in 1988, of Cimarron Parkway, Atlanta, for first degree forgery.

Pablo A. De Los Santos, born in 1982, of Hamilton Road, Peachtree City, for speeding and driving without valid license.

Larry O. Melton, born in 1989, of Knight Way, Fayetteville, for probation/parole violation.

Emory C. Anderson, Jr., born in 1947, of Yates Road, College Park, for less than an ounce of marijuana and unsafe vehicle or equipment.

Grant C. Allison, born in 1972, of Autumn Creek, Senoia, for drugs obtained by fraud (6), controlled substance violation (2) and obstruction.

Matthew C. Bowles, born in 1993, of Evans Way, Fayetteville, for improper use/turn sig/light and hit and run failure to render.

Laraye I. Lewis, born in 1981, of South H Street, Pensacola, Fla., for shoplifting and possession of tools for commission of crime.

Michelle Lowe, born in 1977, of W. Inteidencia Street, Pensacola, Fla., for possession of tools for commission of crime.

Cameron T. Brown, born in 19992, of Wyngate Circle, Fayetteville, for furn/pos/cons alcohol by minor.

Michael G. Carr, Jr., born in 19991, of Chess Chase, Fayetteville, for less than an ounce of marijuana, loitering, and light requirement of parked vehicle.

Charity E. Johnson, born in 1993, of Murphy Creek Lane, Fayetteville, for less than an ounce of marijuana and loitering.

Joseph C. Johnson, born in 1991, of Murphy Creek Lane, Fayetteville, for less than an ounce of marijuana and loitering.

Christopher M. Mindler, born in 1982, of Coastline Road, Fayetteville, for revoked or suspended license.

Jessis L. Paige, born in 1973, of Donald Lee Hollaway, Atlanta, for theft by conversion.

Peachtree City Police

Jose D. Garcia-Mora, born in 1970, of Rivertown Road, Fairburn, for revoked or suspended license.

Timothy J. Richards, born in 1980, of Farrington Court, Fayetteville, for shoplifting.

Matthew R. Darnowski, born in 1993, of Southwick Lane, Peachtree City, for less than an ounce of marijuana, littering on highway and improper display of tag.

Gbolahan O. Popoola, born in 1965, of Chateau Lane, Riverdale, for probation/parole violation.

Caleb M. Roebuck, born in 1992, of Pricilla Circle, Columbus, for less than an ounce of marijuana.

Brianna J. Sears, born in 1992, of Wynnmeade Parkway, Peachtree City, for driving with suspended registration and revoked or suspended license.

Cara Aisen, born in 1983, of McIntosh Estates Drive, Sharpsburg, for cruelty to children and simple battery (3).

Andrew K. Barber, born in 1981, of Autumn Trace, Tyrone, for theft by taking.

Kamani J. Davis, born in 1979, of South Peachtree Parkway, Peachtree City, for false statements and writings and fraudulent insurance claim.

Steven T. Haralson, born in 1981, of Foster Drive, Newnan, for city ordinance violation.

D’Angelo M. Horne, born in 1985, of Fellowship Road, Fairburn, for DUI alcohol and open container.

Patrick J. Moree, born in 1985, of Barberry Lane, Peachtree City, for DUI alcohol.

Christopher C. Smith, born in 1960, of First Leaf, no city, for wanted person.

Carroll L. Stoner, born in 1957, of Bradley Avenue, Lafayette, for DUI drugs and failure to display license.

Bryan J. Wilson, born in 1990, of Pope Hill Circle, Senoia, for city ordinance violation.

Tyrone Police

Christopher M. Carpenter, born in 1970, of Millbrook Village Drive, Tyrone, for simple battery.

Rodney S. Mobley, born in 1969, of Winn Way, Fayetteville, for speeding.

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