Cops probe pics of boy, 6, on sister’s phone

Fayetteville police are investigating an incident of possible child abuse that stemmed from a Dec. 14 call of a domestic disturbance at Piedmont Fayette Hospital. A conversation with the couple led to the discovery of inappropriate photos of their 6-year-old son found on the cell phone belonging to one of their daughters.

Fayetteville Police Department spokesman Steve Crawshaw said officers were called to Piedmont Fayette Hospital at approximately 10 p.m. on Dec. 14 in relation to a domestic disturbance between a married couple. The names of the individuals were not released because the incident is still under investigation, though Crawshaw did say the couple previously lived in Fayette County and had recently moved to Riverdale.

The woman told officers her husband had been abusive in the past. The husband in response raised questions about inappropriate photos of their 6-year-old son that had been found on the cell phone belonging to one of their daughters, Crawshaw said. The husband said he found the photos in September while the family still lived in Fayette County, said Crawshaw.

Officers secured the cell phone and found several photos of the 6-year-old boy asleep with his pants pulled down and one or more of his three sisters, ages 12, 13 and 15, posing in the photo, Crawshaw said.

Crawshaw said the investigation is ongoing.

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Worth Reporting...

I agree with Levann; I think this is news worth reporting, if for no other reason than it would maybe prompt one or two parents out there to check out the pics and downloads on their childs phone. If there were in fact inappropriate photos taken of the young boy on a cell phone, they can easily be sent via text or uploaded to the internet... and in the worst case scenario, could harm the little boys' safety. This paper reports on the ridiculous goings-on of our Mayor, every family event you can think of (don't get me wrong, I like that part!), and every other crime that occurs in PTC; why would they not report this story??

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Awareness is important

Thank you for sharing this story. Perhaps more parents will explore the photos on their kids phones and be alert for other signs that possible inappropriate or abusive behavior may be present. If we are going to stop the epidemic of child abuse and child sexual abuse, we have to be vigilant, especially in a culture where photos and communication move quickly on phone lines and internet sites that may not typically be visible to those who are most interested in protecting our children. I certainly hope this situation proves to not be one of abuse, but given the statement that the mother made that the father had been abusive in the past, it would be negligent for our system not to further investigate. Let's keep all our children safe. A wonderful educational resource for adults interested in protecting children is

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Let's hope they stay in Riverdale.

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Are you really that hard up for news, that you have to report on crap
Like this !!!!!! It's not a news story, what about the LEO that lost his life
In Clayton county, I would think that would be news, but no stick to your
Tabloid news

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