Braelinn stores’ facelift a success

Long-time tenants reporting more customers, even from north PTC

The dramatic facelift to the exterior of the Braelinn Village shopping center is paying dividends already.

Mike Murtaugh, a member of the Development Authority of Peachtree City and also a business owner at Braelinn, told the authority last week that foot traffic in the area is up significantly.

Murtaugh owns the TCBY store that recently opened in Braelinn. But the reports of increased foot traffic have come from the observations of shop owners who have been there a long time, he said.

“And I can tell you about the thousands of people that have come to our store,” Murtaugh said.

Murtaugh said that residents are even coming from the northern part of Peachtree City to check out Braelinn’s new look. And on top of that, the Kmart at Braelinn is about to get a refreshing of its interior, he added.

In speaking with leasing agents for the center, there is certainly more interest thanks to the exterior renovations that wrapped up this summer, Murtaugh said.

“You’re seeing a lot more parking used than before,” Murtaugh observed.

He also noted that Braelinn’s success has caught the eye of Bill Hooper, who manages the Peachtree Crossing shopping center on Ga. Highway 54 and Peachtree Parkway, which is about to go through its own exterior renovations.

On a recent visit to Braelinn, Hooper “became even more enthused about his vision” for the Peachtree Crossing project, Murtaugh said.

“I wouldn’t be surprised if he moves faster than what he originally talked about at his last merchant meeting,” Murtaugh said.

DAPC in the past several years has taken an interest in helping merchants in the city’s village retail centers survive the rough economy and competitive retail environment.

Through the efforts of former DAPC member Grey Durham and others, several of the city’s older shopping centers have formed merchants associations so they can find ways to work together to improve their profile in the community and drum up more business.

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Braelinn Village Shopping Center Traffic

I suspect the increase in traffic is due more to this time of year when people are shopping more than usual. Even a Kroger will see an increase this time of year as people prepare meals and snacks for office, school, neighborhood and church Christmas parties.

The shopping center still needs a first class eating establishment or two to help boost traffic. Would be nice too to see some community type events held in the parking lot.

Is there any kind of solid evidence or data that the increase is because of the refresh? I doubt it. Let's see how the traffic looks come January and February 2011. That should give a better indication of what kind of results the remodeling has on traffic.

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Stop being so damn negative borntorun

Geez, just go with the flow. We dont care what you think. How about next time just be positive or dont post.

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What Flow Normal??

I wasn't being negative. I shop at Braelinn Village Shopping Center just about every day and hope it does come back. Just saying that you cant measure the sales or foot traffic as good indicators between Thanksgiving and Christmas. That is a given whether you are talking about Braelinn Village Shopping Center, Macy's or Line Creek Liquor Store. Fact is, there is more shopping done during that time period than other months of the year. As far as what I post, if you dont like it...dont read it.

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normal - be positive or don't post.

BTR was dead on with his post. My wife is visiting Kroger (or Engals) daily right now in preparation for Christmas. We ate at the Mexican restaurant last night and they were packed for a change.

Let's see what the new year brings before before we get too optimistic. For the record - I still think that the traffic circles in a parking are a stupid idea.

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Right on Major

Stupidity is certainly present but I'm afraid it's more the drivers than the circles.

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