F’ville Walmart hit by armed robbers Thursday night

Anyone with information on the identity of these two suspects in the robbery of the Fayetteville Walmart Dec. 12 is asked to call Fayetteville police at 770-461-4441. Photo/Special

Fayetteville Police are looking for two men in their early 20s who robbed Walmart employees at gunpoint late Thursday night and made off with money from the store’s cash registers. The get-away vehicle and an empty money box were subsequently located in Clayton County.

Fayetteville Det. Mike Whitlow said the armed robbery occurred near midnight on Thursday at the Walmart store at the Fayette Pavilion as cash registers with an undetermined amount of cash were being emptied by employees into a container inside a grocery cart.

Whitlow said the two armed robbers had previously entered the store. And with the cash being collected, the two men, now wearing gloves and with bandanas partially covering their faces approached the assistant manager and three other employees, said Whitlow. One man was wearing a gray hooded North Face sweatshirt and the other was wearing a black hooded Nike sweatshirt, Whitlow said.

Both men produced a revolver and held the Walmart employees at gunpoint, then wheeled the grocery cart containing the cash box out of the store and threw them into the bed of a Toyota Tacoma pick-up truck, Whitlow said. The truck had been reported stolen from Henry County and was being driven by third suspect, Whitlow added.

Having received a description of the truck, deputies subsequently found the pick-up abandoned in an apartment complex just inside Clayton County, Whitlow said. Also located at the scene were the grocery cart and the empty money box.

Anyone with information pertaining to this crime is asked to contact Fayetteville Police at 770-461-4441.

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Really Looking Forward to Sheriff Barry Babb

I can't wait for Barry Babb to be sworn in as our new Sheriff.

During his campaign, he promised extensive deputy protection along the North Fayette borders because law enforcement knows there is a large criminal element coming into the county from the north.

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he knows there is a large criminal element coming from north

Wow, I think everybody here including my neighbors cat knows that. And his campaign promise is extensive deputy protection along the north Fayette borders. Ok, I'll be hopeful as well but I really think the last 2 sheriffs knew this as well.

Bob T.
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Maybe it was an "inside" job

Maybe it was an "inside" job or maybe they just cased the joint while making their plan. I wonder if the previous few days video tapes would show them hanging around. No matter what, I hope they are caught soon.

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awfully convenient

that the perps just happend to rob the store as the cash was being transfered. A coincidence I am sure has not gone unnoticed by the police. Anybody want to give odds on wheather these three knew an employee who was off
that night?

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Armed idiots at Wally

While no store can take every precaution possible against human trash like these cretins, it sure sounds like this particular Wal-Mart could greatly improve their cash-handling procedures. Dumping money into a bag in a shopping cart in plain sight while the store is open is rather clumsy and archaic. That certainly invites these kinds of predators to make a move on you and your employees.

I can't imagine this is standard Wal-Mart policy on how to handle money. Maybe it is...dunno.

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Let’s all chip in and put signs up at the Clayton County line, “ Hoodies are against the law in Fayette-dale, wearing one may be dangerous to your health”.

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Are you serious? HOODIES!!!!! That is the most racist comment I have ever read. You should be ashamed of yourself.

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Racist far from one. I guess you don’t watch the news, the picture showing the thief using the victims debit card at the ATM wearing a hoodie, the picture taken at the gas station during the robbery with the thief wearing a hoodie, the interview with the carjack victim describing the thief as (go ahead you can say it) wearing a hoodie. I guess you haven’t notice the signs at some of our gas stations “ NO HOODIES AFTER DARK” I guess you would call the owner/corporation a racist? I call it trying to protect your employees.

So next time you’re up town and its getting dark and three men approach you as your getting in your car wearing hoodies don’t worry about it. I’m sure you will be safe.

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Hoodies are the ski masks of the 21st Century

Have to laugh everytime I see an old episode of Law and Order and the perp had a hoodie and glasses..As they show the photo people keep saying isn't that the "unibomber"..white or black the hoodie is the disguise of choice by fine upstanding citizens ready to pull criminal mischief.

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They fled to Clayton County?

Imagine that...how about robbing the Walmart in your own hood. Or better yet not robbing one at all.

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An inside job

if ever there was one as reported here. Weed 'em out of the employees and find the perps. Walmart won't give a hoot, but we do.