Mayor-elect Fleisch looks to ‘new day’ for PTC

Peachtree City mayor-elect Vanessa Fleisch celebrated with supporters at Grazing Here Tuesday night. Photo/Special.

With a resounding 72 percent of the vote in Tuesday’s runoff election, Vanessa Fleisch will become Peachtree City’s first woman mayor on Jan. 1.

Fleisch handily beat challenger and former mayor Harold Logsdon, who made it into the runoff with the second-most votes in the field of five candidates to force the runoff.

A jubilant Fleisch was all smiles and hugs with campaign supporters at what turned out to be her victory party Tuesday. That evening, she revealed that she already had made plans to have meetings with city staff members on Wednesday on the chance she might win.

“I’m just so happy and thrilled for the city that we’re moving on and we’re going to have a wonderful four years,” Fleisch said. “I just look forward to a very productive four years, and working with the new council, and everyone pulling together to make it an even better city than it is.”

Though she has been a council member for four years and already knows many of the city employees, Fleisch wants to take time to meet each one of them, and that’s one of her first objectives, she said.

Fleisch pointed to the election of new council members Terry Ernst and Mike King as a sign of “a new day” for the city, and certainly in the political perspective.

In addition to Ernst and King, Fleisch will have familiar faces to work with on council as well in re-elected councilwoman Kim Learnard and holdover councilman Eric Imker who is in the middle of his four-year term.

Fleisch has been one of the driving forces working on the rehabilitation of older city facilities, as council issued a $3 million bond to repair and enhance infrastructure that was falling apart, from tennis courts with holes in the pavement to sports fields that needed a significant amount of rehab.

Fleisch also has been observed to keep a fairly low profile on council, particularly when rancor broke out at council meetings. As she wields the gavel and runs her first meeting in January, it will be evident those low-profile days are over as she tries to meet the leadership expectations the community has placed on her.

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"A new day..."

hmmm...I wonder what that means for the incompetent City Manager, the oft-maligned Police Chief and the other senior management stooges?

Robert W. Morgan
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I don't think the city manager is incompetent, just befuddled

I think his inaction on police, fire and many other issues is simply lack of a clear direction from mayor and council. I doubt he has ever encountered a mayor like Haddix and probably had no previous experience with the open feuding on council. They all behaved badly and the salary cutting and the mayor's push back was the peak.

The city manager needs some clear direction and I think the new mayor and council can provide that. Hopefully that direction will include what is really important - economic development, recreational programs, keeping infrastructure maintained, stopping the outsourcing and avoiding expensive lawsuits are all good things.

I think the recent police dept. survey along with the Lisagate and Captaingate put the spotlight on a restructuring, probably from the top down. I would have Stan Pye and Mark Brown in key leadership positions under a new chief - certainly not a public safety director. That idea stinks.

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Not sure if the city manager is good or not. But I would offer him a pass because leadership from the city council was lacking the last 4 years.

I wonder who initiated the article a few weeks ago about Dr. Pennington and his challenges the last few years?

Robert W. Morgan
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Quite a timing coincidence, that puff piece on Pennington

I'm pretty sure city staff which loves Pennington and despises Haddix had a hand it that. Just when it became clear it was ok to talk openly about life after Haddix, that article appears. I happen to think he can be very effective city manager if he gets clear direction from a group of adult leaders. And I do think we have that now.