Hike in PTC’s hotel-motel tax may be in works

The hotel-motel tax in Peachtree City may be raised from 6 to 8 percent, pending approval by the City Council and also the Georgia legislature.

As part of the increase, the proposal is for one of the eight percentage points to be dedicated toward capital improvements and maintenance of sports and recreation facilities under the theory that they draw visitors to the community, according to a staff memo provided to the council.

Had the tax increase been enacted in 2011, the city could have seen an increase in hotel-motel taxes of $142,000 and the city’s Convention and Visitors Bureau would have doubled its hotel-motel tax revenue with an additional $284,600.

The discussion will take place during council’s regular meeting Thursday night at 7 p.m. at City Hall.

The proposal would have a slightly negative impact on the hotel-motel tax funding for Falcon Field Airport (also known as Atlanta Regional Airport). Phased in over a 10-year period, the airport would see its annual revenue from the hotel-motel tax cut in half for a total decrease of $51,000.

In a proposed agreement between the city and airport authority, that reduction in revenue would be negated by the city during years in which the airport authority has less than $100,000 in annual operating income. The authority also supports the hotel-motel tax increase.

The proposal also has some significant buy-in from the vast majority of hotel operators in the city including both the Wyndham Peachtree Conference Center and the Dolce Atlanta-Peachtree conference center.

In a letter jointly authored by representatives of those five hotels, it is noted that recreation-based tourism is expected to increase in the coming years based on the additional funds for the city’s sports and concert venues.

Under the city’s current 6 percent hotel tax, none of the funds can be spent directly on recreation projects; instead almost all of the funds must be expended on tourism-related work.

Allstar American
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Mayor Haddix

I was reviewing the recently finished legislative session in the GA house. Is this http://www.legis.ga.gov/Legislation/en-US/display/20132014/HB/528 the same bill you were bragging about killing? Looks like the State legislative delegation figured out that you are the one causing the problems... For those not wanting to click, the Hotel Motel Tax passed.

Don Haddix
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Haddix: Now isn't this Interesteing

I received the notification of the passage and shared it with Council at 12:18 and here you are at 1:04 posting.

For a reality check, in talking with a member of the Delegation a few weeks ago I was told every two years the delegations reviews their rules. To bring them into alignment with the majority of the other delegations they changed to Council majority vote and stopped requiring a 5-0 vote.

So, yes it passed as part of a mass vote on all local legislation, not separate consideration. Yet another tax upon some of the residents of PTC.

But no, it was not because it was seen as a good bill.

Now, considering you only support George Dienhart on Council, joined, at least under this name, 3-23-2013 and were given this information so promptly, who are you? What other name(s) have you blogged under?

Finally, when it George Dienhart going to declare for Mayor. A lot of people say it isn't a question of if, but when. I am guessing you know.

Mike King
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Geez, Don...

...Getting a wee bit testy, are we? Or could it be that you're tired of being caught in another of your half truths?
Your insecurity regarding George Dienhart should be the least of your political worries, after all how many censured mayors have been reelected that owe their constituents twelve large?

Allstar American
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I dont only support him

He did impress me at his town hall. Honestly, I would support anyone for mayor but you, as would most Peachtree City citizens. I am an active Republican and talk to our state officials all the time- probably more than you. In fact, it was fun to see them run from you at the Republican Breakfast a couple of months ago.

So, your constant conflict with your council and abstract inability to work with other politicians had nothing to do with this change? Yeah, right.

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Just do this

and get on with it. NOBODY checks the hotel/motel tax before they book a room. At least nobody I have ever met. IF we stay half way in line with other areas, all is fine.

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