Robber escapes after holding up Applebee’s manager

Robber escapes after holding up Applebee’s manager

The manager of the Applebee’s restaurant in Fayetteville was unharmed after being robbed at gunpoint early Sunday morning before opening time.

Det. Mike Whitlow said the Applebee’s manager was the only person in the restaurant when the robbery occurred. The manager opened the store’s rear door used by employees at 8:15 a.m. after the door’s buzzer sounded, Whitlow said.

“He opened the door and two black males barged in,” Whitlow said. “One of them was armed with a silver handgun.”

Whitlow said the manager was unharmed, adding that the robbers got away with an undetermined amount of cash. Investigators were only able to obtain a minimal description of the two men because they were wearing hoodies, Whitlow said.

The restaurant is located On Ga. Highway 85 near Banks Road. Whitlow said the two males initially ran in the direction of Banks Road and Ga. Highway 314.

Whitlow said investigators spoke with witnesses who described a vehicle the two men were thought to have entered. Investigators are also reviewing videos from area businesses, Whitlow added.

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Trends - STF

Do you still maintain that there are no trends here? There was a time when the only thing we read in The Citizen was how the Boy Scouts had accomplished something great. Now the only boy scouts are the lookouts for robberies.

WE have a problem with the corridors of Hwy 319 north and Ga 85 north. I assume appropriate action will be taken by law enforcement, if not people will begin to move out of Fayetteville and leave it to them. No one, and I mean no one is going to shop where they can lose their life. Not even you STF.

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IT appears that armed robberies in our fair city of Fayettedale are a monthly occurance. Our house is up for sale. Gotta get out of the crime ridden county and to someplace where we feel safe again.

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Finding Camelot

Write to us from lily white Camelot when you find it. Fred will certainly wish to join you there.

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Check where you are going

You may be surprised to find more crime there than here.

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The culture of violence

The culture of violence that continues to plague Fayetteville and America in general strikes again.

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